The Dreamers, is a collection of interviews from our Horacio Printing family. These interviews highlight dreamers who have recorded bold dreams in their “The Best is Yet to Come” planners and have trusted and co-labored with God to make it happen. We hope these testimonies will inspire you to dream BIG and grow in faith. We love you.


 Meet Rachel Bennett

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Rachel.

“I am a Christian ‘NGO worker’ at a hospital in Southern Bangladesh. I've been here for about 3 years.”

What Dreams did you put on your bucket list this year that have come to life?

“When I was working on my ‘Bucket List’ in January, God laid it on my heart to work on starting the translation process for Elizabeth George's ‘Loving God With All Your Mind.’ I was nervous. I knew that this year would hold a LOT of changes and a steep learning curve at the hospital. However, I believe this book can impact the lives of Christian women here.”

What is God teaching you in this season of life?

“In this season, I have to fight for time with Him. You never know what a day will look like here at the hospital!  It's nice to have reminders periodically of what my goals and dreams are, and to be reminded to pray about them. He is teaching me to trust Him with my days, my competency, and my reactions.”

We are very proud of Rachel and so encouraged by her bold dream to reach a new part of the world! There is such possibility when we trust in the Lord. If you have a story of working toward a goal on your bucket list, we would love to hear it! Click here to share your story!
September 24, 2016 — Polly Payne