Our Mission

Our mission is to help people unlock their inner artist and ignite their God-given purpose. 

We believe one of the most precious gifts God gives us is our time, and our schedule will determine who we become. We want to help you reclaim your schedule, your life and your dreams. We are Christian planners who take the people dreams.

We are passionate about placing value and worth on every life, which is why we partner with A21. A21 is an incredible non-profit organization that is changing the world by fighting human trafficking globally! We donate 20% of our quarterly profit to A21.org  Learn more about our impact and A21 here.

Dream Planning Podcast

Dreaming with Nicole Smithee

Dreaming with Nicole Smithee

Polly dive's into the start of Nicole Smithee's BIG dream of creating Iridescent women, overcoming naysayers, and imposter syndrome. 
May 29, 2021 by Polly Payne
How I started my planner business, Horacio Printing.

How I started my planner business, Horacio Printing.

How did I start my small business?
May 26, 2021 by Polly Payne
How to Create a Vision Board

How to Create a Vision Board

Can christians make vision boards? Is that allowed? What about The Secret?

In this episode, Polly talks about all the things regarding manifestation, and how to approach vision boards in a FAITH based way. Her answer might surprise you.

May 24, 2021 by Polly Payne

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