Hello Friends! Polly Here! Today is the day, I am turning 30! I am entering my new decade of life and pretty much one-third of the way done with my journey here on earth.

I am so honored and grateful to God that I get to manage and grow this beautiful gift and company.

I can't help but flash back to August 3 years ago. Horacio Printing was a vision, a dream, a desire bubbling up in my heart. I felt far from God and unworthy to approach Him. I felt shame and yearned for His presence. I wanted my life to have a purpose. In the middle of my mess, He met me with so much LOVE and compassion and called me to my mission. I realized my life was a gift and I was to honor Him by getting intentional in how I plan my life. I remember that night like it was yesterday. I couldn't sleep. I was up all night sketching out my first planner and every time I turned off the light my head would spin until I woke up and kept going.

Flash forward to today, I can't believe where we are. I wanted to share some lessons that God has taught me through this journey.

1) Your purpose is revealed in obedience.

I was obedience to God's calling to create this company and little by little I am still discovering the purpose. If you would have told me January 1st me would have a warehouse in Orlando, Florida, I would not have believed you. This certainly wasn't on my Horacio Printing 'bucket list', but I have learned that obedience is the key to finding God's will. One step at a time, let him unlock your purpose through following the Holy Spirit within you. You have NO idea the freedom you will bring to others, from small acts of obedience.

2) God's love for you is WILD and He wants you involved in a community.

We pray for you, the Horacio Printing family, and I want you to know that God is WILD about you. He has not left you or forgotten you. As a company, we started encouraging community through Dream Planning Parties in January and we have heard incredible testimonies! Here is one from the SweetHive. Check out this page to read more! Together we are stronger, together we are powerful. We are the body of Christ.

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. Matthew 18:20

3) He will move mountains to help the marginalized.

Through the sales of Horacio Printing, we have raised over 24,000 to fight human trafficking by partnering with A21.org. In Orlando, Fl we have officially partnered with the Samaritan Village an incredible program helping women survivors of human trafficking. They provide an amazing 18-month program to help these women find freedom and healthy independence. We are going to be apart of their program providing a 'baby step' job to learn important job skills. God is so good! We are praying our warehouse is a place of joy, learning trust, growth, dignity, and healing. Please keep these women in your prayers.

Thank you for being part of the Horacio Printing Family! I truly appreciate your support. I know this is just the beginning of what God is doing in Orlando and through Horacio Printing. Thank you so much for your encouragement and prayers! I am excited to enter this new season of life. The best is yet to come!

August 04, 2017 — Polly Payne


Deborah Dobbins said:

How can I subscribe to your blog?

Sherry Lucas said:

Wow!! Happy Birthday, Polly! Thank you for sharing some of the Horatio Printing story! I have the lovely planner kit and am trying to use my time better as I homeschool our 4 children. I know that my time with them is such a gift from God and an amazing opportunity to serve them and disciple them, and I know I haven’t been making the most of it. I pray that God will use my planner to help me do that! Thank you, Polly, for your obedience and encouragement!

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