It's time for our 'No'vember challenge! 

Personally, I find fall to be one of the most wonderful times of the year. The calendar suddenly flips to October, the weather becomes crisper and cooler, the leaves change, cozy sweaters are pulled from the closet, and pumpkin-scented candles are lit. It’s pure joy, am I right?

Then, mid-pumpkin carving, you get a calendar invite to your annual Friendsgiving party and that cozy fall feeling turns to a whirlwind of holiday save-the-dates, events, obligations, and borderline chaos if you’re not careful. If you’re anything like me, a recovering people pleaser, you try your best every year to keep your holiday schedule under control only to fail because saying “no” sounds a lot like rejection and saying “yes” sounds a lot more like fun, especially in the moment.

Although, our yeses come with the best of intentions, Lysa TerKeurst said it best when she stated, “Whenever you say yes to something, there is less of you for something else. Make sure your yes is worth the less.”


What are you saying NO to this month? When you say no to something you are making space for a better yes! Grab a sheet of paper and write your 'No'vember list down. 


Here is a list of 3 things we are making a commitment to say “no” to this ‘NO’vember:

  1.       Say “NO” to an overwhelmed scheduled. Yes, let’s just go ahead and rip this one off like a band aid, okay? Grab some coffee, light a candle, and sit down with your planner. Now, make a list of all your annual holiday dinners, Friendsgivings, and 5k turkey trots. Pencil them in. Now you know what your absolute yeses are. You also know what you have room for, when you need to rest, and what there will be less time for if you choose to say yes to more. See, saying no actually means saying yes to the right things!

Don’t have a planner? We can fix that. Browse our 2019 Dream collection here!

  1.       Say “NO” to taking on more work. As someone who takes a lot of pride in her work, it’s hard to slow down. I get it, friend. However, there is a season for all things. Allow the holidays to be a time where you practice showing up completely present (and not distracted by deadlines) for your friends and family. It might be hard at first, but boundaries are a good thing. This is a great time to start setting them, and it will allow us to return to our work rested and refreshed!

  1.       Say “NO” to replying or responding immediately. Oh, yes. The last but not the least on the list. Here is your permission slip to say, “Let me check my planner and get back to you.”, the next time you are politely blindsided by an invitation. You are absolutely allowed to check in with yourself and your calendar before you RSVP on the spot. A little louder for those of you in the back: it is politer to do so than to casually say “yes” and cancel last minute!

We hope this encourages and allows you to make the best out of this wonderful season of life!

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens..” Ecclesiastes 3:1


Join us on November 1st at Noon on Instagram (@horacioprinting) live where we will be sharing more of the things we are saying NO to! We want to hear what whats on your list! 

October 29, 2018 — karsen murray


Grace said:

I’m saying “No” to social media as well this month. Trying to make space in the marchins of my life for a clear head and straight priorities. This blog post is such a good reminder to slow down and be more intentional with your time. Thank you for writing it!

Katrina P. said:

Great blog post! This is the first time that I’ll be doing a ’NO’vember challenge and I’m pretty pumped about it. Yesterday, I took some time to write a few things that I’m saying NO to, one of them being Social Media. I plan to go the whole month without re-downloading the app just to ‘check on’ what other people are doing with their lives and truly just enjoy my own life without having to document every step of the way. I get so caught up in comparison, feeling like I need to see how “great” other peoples lives are and putting myself down because my life doesn’t look like theirs. I hope to walk into December with a new mindset and hopefully not feel pressured to always look my best on Social Media. :)

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