HAPPY BIRTHDAY HORACIO! Today we turn seven! 7 years ago we released our 2015 Dream Planner. Slowly and surly by the grace of God we are still in business and continuing to inspire dreamers like you around the world.

We WISH we could throw a big party and HUG YOUR NECK, so our next best thing is to INVITE you our two special community events....

 the Dreamers Summit  AND the Dream Crafting Course!

TODAY thru Monday get 25% OFF (yes, 25%)......both of these special events/communities! 


Here is a lil' more info!

#1 - We have a wonderful academy full of dreamers called the Horacio Printing Academy. (www.thedreamerinyou.com) Our first course, The Dream Crafting Course was released this year and helps you craft a life you love + design your BIG God-sized dream. Each month students enjoy a LIVE support session with Polly. + students get a FREE ticket to the Dreamers Summit! 

Here is the deal.... If you sign up for the Dream Crafting Course + join Horacio Printing Academy YOU get a free ticket to the Dreamers Summit... so head over to the TheDreamerInYou.com and sign up with the code: BIRTHDAY25!

Do you have your ticket to the Dreamers Summit!? TODAY IS THE DAY! Get 25% off your ticket today with the code: BIRTHDAY25


This 25% off sale ends Monday the 11th of October at Midnight! 

October 08, 2021 — Polly Payne

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