This blog post is dedicated to you our customers, members of the Horacio Printing family, and secondly I want to give back to my community of entrepreneurs both current and aspiring!

I am going to share a little behind the scenes THEN I am going to pass along some amazing resources (so if you want to skip ahead to the business resources jump to the bottom of this post!)

 Ready for a little behind the scenes over here?

Here is the truth, running a small business is no easy undertaking. Throw in two pregnancies, moving warehouses, 4 home moves, motherhood and things get a little overwhelming! (currently 35 weeks preggo over here!)

Social media can paint a picture of perfection or success that simply isn’t the whole story.

It is by the grace of God and through amazing customers like yourself that Horacio Printing is still printing! Which is why on a day like today I am just filled with gratitude for YOU!I have to say I AM SO GRATEFUL for our TEAM!

You might not know this but our business is much smaller than you probably thought. We currently have ONE full time employee (me) and 4 part-time contractors who run our fulfillment, customer service, and help with design work.

 I hear all the time "wow you have built such a large business" so sometimes I feel the need to just tell the truth... we are SMALL! :) The true definition of a small business friends! In looking towards the future, I pray we can have the resources to expand our team next year.

 What keeps driving me in my calling centered around YOU. I am fueled through supporting, equipping and empowering you to walk in your God-given destiny, becoming who you are called to become in Christ.

We had so many blessings this year! When reflecting back on 2021 two of the things I am the most proud of is Dream Planning Podcast and the Horacio Printing Academy! We launched our Podcast on January 1st and our Academy in March.


Why? Because I am honestly tired of the shallow, superficial social media content. So much of my time as a business owner over the years has been creating content that is designed to be ingested in 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds… and this year it was all about GOING DEEPER.


Podcasting and our academy has created a new way to really serve you, encourage you, and go deeper in challenging you to become who you are called to become.


I am SO proud of the 100 amazing Dreamers who have said YES to investing in themselves, and have taken the Dream Crafting Course. This course is all about discovering you purpose, uncovering and conquering fears, Growing closer to God, creating a personal growth plan, dreaming big and planning out your dreams!


My next course will be announced at the Dreamers Summit this year. Spoiler alert: It is for the Christian entrepreneurs!


Speaking of entrepreneurs… let’s share those resources!

November 27, 2021 — Polly Payne


Natalie Hill said:

Thank you for going deeper and sharing all that you do! I always loved what you shared on social media, but stepped off social media to hear God fully in this season out of obedience, so when I learned of your Dreamer’s Course I signed up without hesitation. :) You are a blessing. You are gifted in how you share, and I am thankful God led you to start your company and reach into the deep to draw out the deep waters in each of us! God bless you and your team! With Love, Natalie

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