This page was created to give you the latest information for our products that have been delayed in shipping.


Hello Friend!
Polly here, founder of Horacio Printing. I have to be vulnerable and open with you. This is a tough season. I've never faced a situation quite this stressful and as an expectant mother, I am just trying to do the best I can. My #1 goal has always been to delight and bless you, the Horacio Printing family. The last thing I want to do is let you down, or upset you. We have had to move our timelines so much, and I know that is frustrating for you. It is equally if not more frustrating for us as well. Here are all the facts for you, and I promise to keep you updated here. My hope is you can understand and join me in prayer.

The most recent update will be at the top. Scroll down to get the whole story. If you have a question on another topic try our FAQ page. If you need something else email us at


(LATEST UPDATE) October 15th 

Our goods have been DELIVERED!! Praise God! They are here and look beautiful! We are busy prepping, quality inspecting and getting the first wave of pre-orders out. We will be shipping Our Storybooks and Fall Seasonal boxes first. Next we will ship out our pre-orders. We have hundreds of orders to process, so it will take some time. You will get an email with your tracking number as soon as it ships! We plan to have all preorders shipped by October 31st! 

October 9th 

Our goods have been labeled and officially released. We not wait to hear when they will be delivered to our warehouse. Based on this information we estimate being able to ship all Our Storybooks, Fall Seasonal Boxes and pre-ordered 2019 Dream Planners by October 31st. We will ship in this order: Storybook, Fall Boxes then 2019 Planners. We will move start with the earliest orders. 


October 5th - 11:30 AM 

After sharing on Facebook & IG (see video below) we heard some great news! An email came to us DURING the live video, as you prayed with us!

US Customs has now changed requirements for us. The terms to comply are going to take less time and less of a fee than originally quoted. Y'all, PRAYER WORKS! Our miracle is in motion. We are so thankful. We still have not received the timeline on when we can expect the goods in our warehouse, but we are thankful and hopeful. More news is coming soon.  


October 5th - 10:00 AM 


October 2nd 

Here is the detailed view of our the backstory + current situation.

After reaching our fundraising goal to make 'Our Storybook' in April, we made the final edits on "Our Storybook" and our 2019 Planners. Production began in May. Our typical timeline from past experience had estimated our products arriving in mid-August. (which would be a new record for us!)

The grey material used for our Soap Bible Study, Storybooks and Grey Planner was back ordered and unable to reach our factory which delayed production a month. Our new estimated time of arrival we were given was late August.

Production wrapped and our products were put on a boat, and a Typhoon hit our route. This delayed our boat for two weeks. We now expected the goods to make it to the port around September 13th and land in our hands late September.

Right before landing at the port our entire container unit was randomly selected for an intensive inspection, that we have to pay for. This means everything is taken offsite and you just have to wait until US Customs opens your container unit and approves. During this time we are incurring fees for the container unit not going back to the boat + fees for storage at the exam facility. (read: hundreds of dollars a day).

Our container sat unexamined, incurring fees, for 19 days.

Today, Tuesday 10/2 we received word that our goods were inspected and they found an issue. Our manufacturer did not stamp our boxes with a country of origin. Our only choice is to have the exam facility hand label every box and every product inside, or else US Customs will ship our products back to China. (which is not an option!) We must get these products to our warehouse! So that is what we are doing. We asked if we could send our own team to help because we believe we would hustle faster than their team (or at least we are willing to jump in and help!) This has not been approved and we are now left waiting.

We wait. We pray. We grieve. Will you pray with us?

I am a silver lining gal. I always try to look for the lesson, and I have found the lesson. Even though I found it, the lesson learned doesn't take the pain away. The pain of upsetting our customers, or the strain this has on our business financially to stay alive.

I know God has not brought us this far to stop now. These products have eternal impact and purpose. Thank you for reading all this. If you could join us in praying for these goods it would mean the world to me.

Also, if you are in a season of waiting... you are not alone! We wait with you. In all things God is good.

Talk soon and remember You.Are.Loved.