Hello Friend!


It’s day three!  Thank you for your commitment and interest in learning more about A21. Today is the final day of our crash course, so grab your bible and a blank sheet of paper, and let's jump right in!



While we have spent day one and two getting you caught up on the problem, today we are going to focus on the solution and the incredible progress A21 has made! There is SO much to praise God for TODAY! We have listed a praise report for A21, and the work they have done as an organization.

Global Growth - A21 now has 12 offices in 11 different countries! 

2016 Survivors - Over 100 people were rescued in 2016! 

Justice - Over 50 Traffickers have been imprisoned since A21 was founded!

*Just this Month*  A21 has opened a Child Advocacy Center in Pattaya, Thailand!

In partnership with the Royal Thai Police's Thailand Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, and with assistance from the FBI and U.S. Homeland Security Investigations, A21 is excited to be launching the Child Advocacy Center of Thailand (Pattaya). This facility is designed to help officers working on the ground investigate cases against child sex offenders, child traffickers, and online crimes against children.

A21 has had so much success, and there is a great future ahead! The Best Is Yet To Come!



A big part of A21’s program is aftercare. Oncea woman is ‘rescued’ her journey to true freedom - both physically and emotionally - has just begun. We wanted to introduce you to the A21 Aftercare program through these video. Please watch.

Thank you for watching these videos. After we complete our SOAP bible study today, we have a special page for you to visit that has 10 ways you can make a difference with A21 today! We hope you will take us up on this invitation to help!




We are so thankful for the word of God. Grab your bible, a blank journal, and open up your bible to Isaiah 58:6-9. Here is the soap template again


  • Read Isaiah 58:6-9.
  • Write down the verse or phrase that really pops out for you.


  • What did you observe in this passage you just read?


  • What action can you take today to live this passage?


  • Write your individual prayer to God.
  • Together we are praying for deliverance, freedom, strength. Feel free to pray over the A21 team, the current survivors, and current captives.

“When I called, you answered me; you greatly emboldened me.” Psalm 138:3

Final Invitation

 Would you like an opportunity to do more? We have created a special page on our website that lists 10 practical ways you can do something TODAY to help A21! We really enjoyed putting this together and we hope you will take a look!

Your crash course is DONE! We appreciate your commitment and your prayer!

We would love to know your feedback on this class. You can email us at hi@horacioprinting.com and let us know! 



Polly & The Horacio Planner Crew