We are so thankful for you. We are happy that you are interested in having an Encouragement Card crafting party! It is very easy to set up and execute. 

The Goal:

Create beautiful encouragement cards that will be passed out to survivors as soon as soon as they enter the A21 safehome. Share the love of God and show these survivors that their lives have value!

The Pre Party Checklist:

[ ] Pick A Venue

[ ] Pick A Date

[ ] Create Invites (IG, text, email, print, facebook event - whatever you want!)

  • Ask attendees to bring stationery, pens, and favorite decorations.
  • If you are doing a potluck, let the attendees know

[ ] Organize your stationery, pens, and washi tape.

[ ] Get your playlist ready!

[ ] Pray for your event and A21 as the date approaches.

[ ] Get some refreshments!* (or do a potluck!)


Sample Schedule:

Saturday Party

2:30 Everyone Arrives (mingle and catch up)

3:00 Get started!

4:30 Take a break, pray over all the cards!*

*We encourage you pray over each card as you create them. Pray for the woman who will hold it.



A21 Guidelines:

“Address your letter along the lines of "Dear Beautiful" or "Lovely," and write an encouraging note that places value and worth upon the girls.

In the contents of your letter, be sure to refrain from stating your own beliefs or talking too much about your job or lifestyle, as these girls have all come from differing backgrounds and deserve to be respected and not made to feel bad about their situations. Obviously, they have been through a lot, and we ask that in your letters you do not claim to understand their situations or try to relate to what they have been through.

Please end your letter by signing with your first name only, and do not include any personal details. These letters are for the purpose of encouragement and support.”

- From A21 website

After Party Instructions:

[ ] Send a thank you note to the girls who came to your event. You can offer them the opportunity to take our 3-day A21 crash course if they have not already taken it.

[ ]  Mail all the cards to:

The A21 Campaign
P.O. Box 10218 TK 54110
Thessaloniki, Greece


Want to spread the encouragement to your own neighborhood? We have a special bonus activity you can do at your party. You can print out these encouragement cards, attach them to roses, and pass them out at the end of your event! Click this blog post to learn about this bonus opportunity.