Hello Horacio Printing Family! 

 We have a special gift for you! A few months ago we created little “you are loved” cards and attached them to roses and passed them out in New York City. It was as simple as buying a bouquet and attaching a little note!

We want to encourage you to print out this free resource and SHARE THE LOVE! We want you to help us spread the news that people are loved.

You can have a little party this weekend with your friends and make these. Bring them to work or school! The link to download is at the bottom along with a few ideas of how to use these sweet cards! 

Encouragement Card + Rose Tutorial 

encouragement cards


  • Step Two : Gather all the ingredients. Bouquet of roses, front and back printed cards, hole puncher, ribbon and scissors.  

free encouragement cards tutorials


  • Step Three : Cut the cards down to size and punch a hole in the corner. 

free encouragement tutorials


  • Step Four : Tie the card to the rose using a ribbon.   

valentine day cards


  • Step Five : Share the love with your world!  

best valentine day planner



Here are some fun ways to use these cards: 

  • Have friends over and make them together this weekend! 
  • Take them to church on Sunday. Share with your sunday school class, small group, or new visitors!
  • Take them to school or take them to work! 
  • Print them out and keep them in your wallet and pass them out the people you see. (gas station, restaurant, park or just walking down the street) 

There are a zillion ways to use them! Make sure you tags us in the photos of how you are sharing the love! 



February 08, 2017 — Polly Payne


Kelley Tyan said:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! These are beautiful and perfect!!!

Anitra Sweet said:

So wonderful! I think I’ll use these for our guests at thanksgiving! One for each place setting!

Shimesha said:

This is an great idea. Im going to create a painting with this because flowers don’t last forever

Jannely Espinal said:

This is such a great idea to spread the love! Thanks!

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