The Dreamers, is a collection of interviews from our Horacio Printing family. These interviews highlight dreamers who have recorded bold dreams in their ‘The Best is Yet to Come” planners and trusted and co-labored with God to make it happen. We hope these testimonies will inspire you to dream BIG and grow in faith. We love you.

Rileigh King

A little bit about Rileigh....  She lives in Fort Worth, Texas and works full-time at Calvary Cathedral International. She recently got married to the man of her dreams and also coaches varsity cheerleading at Calvary Christian Academy. She loves reading, writing, and spending time with family.

What dreams did you put on your bucket list this year that came to life?

I had lots of dreams come to life this year! Most importantly, my wedding! I married the man the Lord made just for me this past August! Our wedding was so sweet. The presence of God was there, and it had everything I wanted - cake, coffee, a cross backdrop, and our pastor married us with our family and friends there.
Another amazing dream come true is I was able to pay off my student loans and entered our marriage debt free! It's felt so good to be debt free.
Personally, I wanted to deep clean and purge my belongings. And learn to cook! Both of those have come SO far. :)

That is amazing! Tell me more!

We bought a house! The purchase of our home was an absolute miracle. I wrote a verse I was standing on in my February notes and drew a little home next to it. The house we ended up purchasing in July looked EXACTLY like that picture I had drawn months earlier!

Wow, What a praise report. What are some of the other things God placed on your heart this year?

I truly believe that God put David and I together to be one another's strengths and to expand His kingdom through our television ministry. I'm expectant! We've also redesigned my husband's ministry's website and are working on building a partner ministry.

And I want nothing more for my cheerleaders than for them to know God personally and discover the Holy Spirit - how He leads, how He speaks, how real He is.The cheerleading team I coach is set to compete this winter for the first time since 2009. I switched up a lot of things for them this year in an effort to draw them closer to the Lord.

When you wrote this down all these dreams did you have faith that God could do this? How did you feel creating your bucket list?
Absolutely. David (my husband) and I knew 2016 would be a big year for us. We've let our faith be challenged and learned to stand with one another God's shown us HIS faithfulness. Stepping out in faith was hard. Budgeting was hard. Seasons changing was hard!

How do you use your Horacio Printing Planner? How did it help you in your journey of seeing this dream come to life?
Well, I loved the open space this planner gave me in my weekly and daily planning. But more than anything, I loved the quarterly check-ins. I loved the challenge of making myself sit down and take time to really think through this year and what I wanted to accomplish. I stay so busy, so hurried, that I struggle to get things done that I really believe the Lord wants me to do. It's allowed me to open up to Him and let Him be the God of my schedule.

What is God teaching you in this season of life?
I've never moved out of my parents' house (I went to a local university), so that transition was really hard. But He's taught me that He's the same God that captured my curious heart at 15 years old. He's seen me through every transition thus far, and He's faithful to His Word. Faithfulness is an essential part of His character (Psalm 89:8, AMP). The Lord is challenging me not to limit Him. Think bigger. Dream bigger. And make TIME to think creatively. I'm learning that the key to my dreams coming true is more time in His presence. I MUST hear Him. I MUST give Him my time first.

How do you stay connected to God in our busy society?
Thankfully, I have a man who also has to stay connected to God! We've allowed one another our daily prayer time, and we share what the Lord is speaking to us all the time. We stay in church, we stay in the Word, and purge our minds and hearts of "culture" on purpose.

We are so proud of Rileigh  and so encouraged by her bold faith! There is so much possibility when we trust in the Lord. If you have a story of something coming to life from your bucket list we would love to hear it! Click here to share your story!

October 07, 2016 — Polly Payne