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Hello Horacio Printing Family! 

I love being apart of this family, this community and I wanted to share something heavy on my heart. I was supposed to fly to Haiti tomorrow (10/6)  to serve at the Hands and Feet project with some great people at Faithbox.

I was SO excited for this mission trip, and as you know Hurricane Matthew has halted this trip and caused so much tragedy there! 

My heart is broken for the people of Haiti, and I know that together we can do something right now! I have pasted a little report below from the people of the Hands and Feet project. Please read.


As of now, all of our children, staff and families are safe. Our villages our constructed to withstand hurricanes. In fact, many or our staff and their families who live in our local community, as well as our neighbors, are taking shelter with our team now. 

Quote from IKONDO missionary Sean Moore, “It’s insane! Lost our front gate, a bunch of trees, and rooms are flooding, but everyone is safe. We are definitely a City on a Hill for our neighbors. People just keep coming."

Although the storm has made landfall, the biggest hurdles are still to come with flash flooding, and the loss of shelter, food and clean water. Our focus will first be to meet these immediate needs of those in our community. Our seasoned missionary team and Haitian leadership will be leading the way with these critical relief efforts. 

After the immediate needs are met, we will begin to assess how we can help rebuild the communities around us. Many homes will be damaged or washed away, and many families will be in need of help to get back on their feet. 


Here is how we can help together! To make a difference: 

1. PRAY! Please pray with us! Pray for the missionaries there right now and for all the people in Haiti. 
2. DONATE! Donate to the relief fund happening at the Hands and Feet project. We already have $1,600 put towards this fund and every little bit counts! 
3. JOIN US in person as we go to Haiti in Feb 2017! Email us at hi@horacioprinting.com if you are interested in joining this trip and we will get you connected. There is so much work to be done. 

Thank you for taking time to read this! 




October 05, 2016 — Polly Payne

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