God’s greatest gifts come in the form of people. Think of all the amazing people God has blessed you with, the greatest being His one and only Son.

I thank God for the inspiring people I have met in my life. I was blessed to hear a great story this week and wanted to encourage you with it. My friend Erika told me a story of a young woman named Rebecca who has been spending the last couple of years doing incredible work helping at-risk youth take a new path in life. Her work has helped so many teens stay out of juvenile detentions centers, rehabs, and the streets. She follows the signs of God and moves where she feels called.

Rebecca has chosen a life of movement, a life of being faithful to her calling. Her work has been recognized by many organizations across the globe. This week she got a call from an organization in St. Martin. They called to say, “Rebecca we love you. We heard of your great work and we need you for three weeks. We can not pay for your flight, but we can take care of you once you arrive.”

At that moment she decided to move, to go after the calling and say yes. She did not have the money she needed to afford a flight. So she leaned into God and prayed with passion. She called up her prayer warriors and asked them to lift up her needs.

God answered Rebecca’s call and the next day a distant friend who works for Delta Airlines called her to say, “Rebecca you have been on my heart, and I just felt compelled to tell you that you can use my buddy passes. They are yours.” The next hurdle was the taxes for the flight, which came out to about $400. Her buddy pass was set for 7AM on August 1st.

She called Erika the night of July 31st to tell her that she now needed prayers to help pay for the taxes. Rebecca told Erika, ‘No matter what, I am going to that ticket counter. God will make a way.” Rebecca's faith moved Erika to tears.

The morning of August 1st came, and Rebecca boldly went to the ticket counter. She prayed with passion and made it on that flight. God made a way. Her ticket was waiting.

Have you been scared to go to the ticket counter? Have you found yourself focusing on the lack or the hurdle rather than how amazing and big our God is?

Horacio Printing is approaching a ticket counter season. We are about to release our 2017-planners (yay!) and have hit a financial hurdle in paying for our inventory. We recently paid a deposit of 30% to start the production, but the remaining 70% is due at the end of August and we simply do not have this. Society would say to freak out, my flesh wants to stress out, but God has called us to trust him. We are on our way to the ticket counter and we are trusting God. 

It is no coincidence that my daily devotional reading has taken me through the story of Gideon recently. The LORD chose Gideon, to save Israel from the oppressive Midianites. Gideon asked for many signs to make sure God had the right guy for the job, and God was faithful in proving Himself. Gideon created an army of 22,000 soldiers and God said no, you need to cut that down to about 300 men. God doesn’t need or want us to be fully capable; He needs us to trust him.

Gideon’s army was too big, and God knew that if Gideon won the battle with a full army, then Gideon would think that he has created the victory himself. He wanted Gideon to be so outnumbered that God would be the only explanation for this victory.

God deserves all the glory; it is from His strength that we are able to do anything. He has blessed this company so much and it is through his grace and sense of humor that He selected me to run it. It still blows my mind from time to time. As we press through August God will have his way in fulfilling his promise. 

God is bigger than any lack we face. Please pray with us, prayers of passion for God to do his will through Horacio Printing.

If you are focusing on hurdles sitting in the way between you and your God-sized dreams please remember we are not called to worry about the ‘how.’ God wants you to trust him and focus on his will and purposes. He is ready to work out His will through you.

I love you and I will keep you and all your dreams in my prayers as you “go to the ticket counter.” Your tickets are waiting, just reach out and grab them.


xx Polly 

September 22, 2016 — Polly Payne

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