The idea to create our marriage Storybook was born over dinner with my amazing team members before I was engaged or married. We were celebrating the release of our 2015 planner and dreaming big for the future. Once the idea was spoken, my heart was exploding with emotion. I knew this would have to come alive no matter how long it took. 

Fast forward to today, and as I sit in Italy with my husband of almost three years, I cannot believe the day has arrived.

I’ve spent countless hours dreaming up a product to help couples capture their love story, rekindle their love for each other and dream for the future.

We live in such an individualist culture. I find it easy for me to dream big with my life, but what about when our lives combine with our spouse? How do we dream big together? How do we plan our lives?

I love to dream, and I encourage dreamers all over the world to declare, share and pursue their God-given dreams, but how do we build our life with our spouse when we have such different dreams, callings, and desires?
How do we stay thankful in marriage?
How do we grow together towards true fulfillment?
How do we stay vulnerable and honest with our dreams and desires?

These question have been a catalyst to creating Our Storybook.

I don’t claim to be a marriage expert, but I have discovered that when I sit down with Luke and take a walk down memory lane, life slows down and gets sweeter. When I look back at old photos, I see how far we have come.

When we talk about our dreams for the future and vision for our family, we grow closer together and with God. We have learned to give the big decisions to him versus fight over who will get their way. All these moments and lessons have echoed into Our Storybook.

Love letters are precious and powerful. It doesn’t matter how well you write, written love letters are always an expression of love and an investment in marriage.

Luke wrote me a love letter one year after dating. It was the best gift I have ever received. I want everyone to experience this feeling. The storybook helps you write a guided love letter to your spouse. It walks you step by step through intentional questions with lots of writing prompts and suggestions.

I have been asked so many times to make a wedding planner, but I believe we spend too much time planning our wedding day and not enough time investing in our relationship, friendship, and marriage.

Don't get me wrong...weddings are a good investment.
By all means, invest in your wedding, invest in your dress, invest in the flowers, invest in your dancefloor and PLEASE invest in your photographer (I will repeat it, invest in your photographer).

Your wedding day is a precious moment in your story, and it too should be cared for and invested in (especially the photographer!) but it is not the whole story. You are LIVING your story, and it's not over.

I believe not only God wants us to 'make it' and stay married, but I believe God wants us to enjoy each other. The marriage storybook was created to celebrate, enjoy and invest in each other and your future.

I had fun creating it, and I am so excited to get it in the hands of couples everywhere. You can order here! 

April 15, 2018 — Polly Payne


Sarah said:

Polly! Thank you for sharing the story behind this project. I love learning about how ideas come alive. It makes me so happy to see that this project of yours is finally here! I am truly excited for all the couples you will bless with! All the best and God bless!

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