a note from our founder....

I have been reflecting over the past eight years at Horacio Printing and I am truly blown away at the goodness and faithfulness of God. I want to say a special thank you to YOU as well.

Together we have raised $70,700 to fight human trafficking. As a company we donate 20% of our quarterly profit and we could not do this without you... so THANK YOU! 


So much has happened in the past 12 months, but the thing I am MOST excited about is ... helping  people in their journey to make their printing dream come true.

For years people would reach out to me and ask me for help to create their printed product. They would ask me to share my printer, my designer, my support to make it happen. For years I said no. To be honest I didn't have the time, but I also feared what would happen if I simply gave away my trade secrets. I worked so hard to build this Christian planner company, why would I share ALL my shortcuts and valuable lessons and partners? 

And this year, 2022... everything changed. I launched Print School to help christian women create and print their own planner, devotional or journal. I truly felt so called into the unknown. Called to empower other people, called to help my competitors, called to giveaway my treasured information. 

It has been such a joyful honor to help other people create THEIR dream product.

Today to celebrate SMALL Business Saturday....

I want to invite you to a FREE training on how to print a luxury paper product. In this 45 min training I share full transparency on costs, timeline, process, and mistakes I've made!

Cheers to new dreams coming true in 2023! 



November 25, 2022 — Polly Payne

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