I still remember the moment of excitement the day my first 2015 Dream Planners arrived. I opened the front door to my apartment building on Horatio Street in NYC. I looked down at a large box on the floor that said "Horacio Printing." EEKK!  

I carried the heavy box up four flights of stairs and quickly I tore into the box  with a knife. I opened it up and saw the beautiful gold foil print staring back at me and just cried. 

Today has been a day full of reflection for me. I recorded a new podcast episode on the Dream Planning Podcast sharing my top tips + top lessons learned from the past 8 years. You can listen here.


What a journey this has been. Over the last eight years we have ......

...put Dream Planners in the hands of customers 40,000 times! 

...sold X bible studies 

...hosted global Dreamer Summits

...raised $70,000 to fight human trafficking!

...had book clubs, subscription boxes, and dream planning parties OH MY!

In this past year what I am the most excited about is YOU! 

What will you create? 

What imprint will you leave on this earth?

What eternal impact will you create? 

My passion is to help Christian women pursue and achieve their dreams. 

I am starting with Christian woman who want to PRINT their own thing through my new program, Print School. Today for my birthday I am offering $100 off tuition today! If you have ever had the dream to make your own journal, bible study or planner this program is for you! Use the code: BDAY

Also everything in our shop is 20% off with the code: BDAY! 



October 10, 2022 — Polly Payne


Alli C said:

Polly! I am so happy for you – CONGRATULATIONS on 8 years and Happy 8th Birthday to Horacio printing! So proud of all your hard work and dedication to this… helping other women’s (and mens) dreams come true through PLANNING and time management and all the good things (tools, etc). Cheers to many exciting days ahead… xoxo

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