“Truth Lasts: Lies are here today, gone tomorrow. Evil scheming distorts the schemer.

Peace-planning brings joy to the planner.” Proverbs 12:20

This verse brought a big smile to my face. At first I saw the word planner and as a planner designer I couldn't help but get excited at the idea of a planner that brings joy. 

I know that God was not speaking about a printed planner, but rather the person who plans and promotes peace. In a different version of this verse it says “Joy for those who promote peace.” 

 This made me ask the question, ‘How do we plan for peace?” 

Peace seems like a nice idea, a place to find on vacation or on the couch after a long day of work. I don’t believe God intended for us to find peace here and there, but rather to create a peaceful lifestyle.  Planning for peace requires intention. You have to fight for it in your home, you have to practice it in your mind, you have to stand up and declare it over your life (in a peaceful tone of course). 

So let’s ask this together, “Am I planning for peace?” 

Our world can be a tough place to find peace. There are many peace stealers. There is also the pressure of being overly productive, and busy to show the importance of your existence. 

Peace stealers attack many areas of life including personal, relational and spiritual.  I want to be intentional with creating my own peace so that I can be an example. To get started I am challenging myself to define my peace stealers. I also challenge you to do the same, so let’s make a list. If we can define our peace stealers and become more aware of them, I think we can make a big step today into a more peaceful existence. 

What are your peace stealers? These directly relate to the ‘distractions’ that I talk about in our refocus cloud. Here are some of mine. 

1 -    Reality television. Stressful dramatic shows. 

2 -    Stone Throwing. Listening, participating and repeating gossip. Or simply throwing stones at the ones we love, creating walls between us. 

3 -    Selfish pride is a big peace stealer. The root of anxiety is "I". The pressure to be perfect, to perform, and to be accepted. This anxiety was never our calling. We are called to depend on Jesus and give Him the glory. Focusing on yourself and the pressure to perform using your own strength will remove all peace. 

4 -    Health. This is a no brainer. Having a health issue or having a family member will steal peace if you let it. I have to remind myself that God is in control and He is the healer. 


"Worry weights us down; a cheerful word picks us up." Proverbs 12:25


What are some of your peace stealers you have found this week? Or this year? 

Let’s define these peace stealers and start removing them from our schedule and our heart! God is in control, we are all precious in His sight and He will bring the victory. I want to start 2017 with a renewed peaceful spirit. Let’s walk into our future together with peace on the agenda.

We carry the Holy Spirit with us and we have the ability as Christians to shift any atmosphere we walk into. Let your next meeting at work, or date night, or friend hang-out have the purpose of peace tied to it!  We can bring peace into our marriage, into our work place, into our children’s lives, into our friendships.

My prayer is that we boldly carry a spirit of peace into 2017. 

God let us be so fragrant and full of peace that people around us are drawn to you. It is in You Jesus that all things are possible.  Amen. 

December 17, 2016 — Polly Payne


Kinya Price said:

Very nice and uplifting…keep the goodness coming …thank you.
Peace and Blessings Always

Jena Stagner said:

My word of the year for 2018 is peace. As an avid planner these words are encouraging and timely! Thank you for sharing!

Paula said:

God blesses us with peace in the midst of a storm and his perfect plan precedes every issue we face! May we live in response of his love! Much love to you !

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