November is here! It's officially holiday time, sweater weather and all things cozy. Today is All Saints Day, a day in the Catholic church to celebrate all who have entered heaven. While I don't celebrate all Catholic holidays, whatever your denomination may be, I think it is a beautiful thing to remember and thank God for those who have gone before us, mentored us, and sacrificed to build the local church.

Who are you thankful for? Maybe a grandparent, an aunt, your mother, or a friend who showed you kindness while on your journey to Jesus.

Life is short. Our time on earth and what we do with it matters. God has great plans for you and we pray that you take time to say NO to activities that do not serve you or God's will for your life.

I saw a neat thing online where people were participating in 'No'vember. It's where you write down what you are going to say NO to this month. Saying no to things that waste your time is vital to making margin for your dreams!

What are you saying NO to this month?


Grab a journal and take this challenge with us! 



October 31, 2017 — Polly Payne


Eleny Morales said:

Love these blog posts, Polly. I think it’s a great exercise and I have been thinking about the distractions that limit me.

Adeline Siew said:

I love this exercise! I will be sharing it with my life group.

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