It's the most wonderful time of the year. I wanted to present you with a group of amazing companies that donate to worthwhile causes! Why not shop with brands that made a difference?

These companies share our heartbeat, so consider doing a little shopping here! At Horacio Printing we give 10% of every purchase price to You can learn more about our impact here. 

1. Preemptive Love.

I have to start here because I am obsessed with Preemptive Love. I learned about this organization through Hillsong NYC. When you buy from Preemptive Love you are rebuilding lives ON THE FRONTLINES OF CONFLICT & DISASTER. This amazing couple moved to afganistan after 9/11 and never left! They are providing food, water, medical care, jobs, income, and hope to the frontlines of Syria and beyond. Check out the gift guide here! 
I really love these Hand Hammered candles.

2. Bracha

Bracha is a glam brand with substance and heart. With a passion to help end human trafficking, Sayra and Michelle not only offers trendy and glamorous jewelry but also donates a portion of the proceeds to eliminate human trafficking in Southeast Asia.
Faith + Family + Giving back is their jam.

Here is my favorite Bracha necklace. 


3. Fiesta Feet!

The idea of Fiesta Feet is to provide a brilliantly cute product, for a good price, and return a portion of the proceeds to women in the place it came from.

The cause is Casa Kamami in Guadalajara, Mexico. It is a foster home for abused girls, that provides on board licensed doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, music teachers, and year round schooling. They make awesome shoes like these! :) 

4. Fair Trade Friday

FTF exists as an avenue for women to empower women. We are tackling poverty through job opportunity and empowerment, rather than enablement, in Jesus’ name. 100% of the proceeds support the artisans, thousands of women and their children around the world. FTF is a ministry of Mercy House Global, a non-profit organization. They have SO many cool things and subscription boxes. Shop here. 

5. Half United

Half United is an helping fight hunger and create jobs in the USA, Haiti, Fiji and Cambodia. With every product purchased you are feed 7 meals to a hungry child. Learn more about their impact here. I really love the entire collection! Shop here. 


6. Legacy Candle Co || Eleventh Candle Co

The Legacy product line, Eleventh Candle Co., is a social enterprise working globally to redeem, restore, empower and equip those vulnerable to human trafficking, abuse, exploitation, and addiction.

A once trafficked woman in Columbus, Ohio is employed while a village in Ethiopia is supported and orphaned children there are welcomed into homes because you purchase their products. I am in LOVE with this O Holy Night candle. It smells amazing. 


7. Thistle Farms

Thistle Farms' mission is to HEAL, EMPOWER, AND EMPLOY women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. They do this by providing safe and supportive housing, the opportunity for economic independence, and a strong community of advocates and partners.  

Thistle Farms believe that in the end, love is the most powerful force for change in the world. They make amazing natural products like this lovely soap and lavendar lotion.


  8. A21 - Liberty Scarves 

Liberty Company is the first social enterprise owned by A21. Liberty hires survivors of human trafficking to give them a second chance and a new life. Today, Maria lives in an apartment and is able to take care of all expenses independently. Because of the job stability Liberty provides, she is able to live a life of dignity and freedom.

These scarves are amazing! Shop here.




Have one you want to add to our list? Email us at! 

November 17, 2017 — Polly Payne

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