Five years ago, our first batch of 2015 Dream planners arrived at my door. I cut through the box with my kitchen scissors and squealed with delight. I read the front and let my hand rub over the gold foil cover.

The best is yet to come.

I felt the Lord say; The best has come. I sent my son. I fell to my knees and cried. Thank you, God, Thank you, God, Thank you, God. It was real. This company was real. God’s love is real. This product was real, and I had no idea what was next.

I was living on the corner of Hudson and Horatio street in Manhattan and working a full-time job in the digital advertising space.

We sold out of that first batch of 2015 Dream Planners, and began a journey of learning how to serve and love our customers with encouragement, grace and health challenges.  

A year and a half later I was able to quit my job and run Horacio Printing full time! 

Fast forward to today, I am a full-time business owner, wife, mother, and living in Orlando, Florida. If you had told me I would be here five years ago, I would have laughed.

It has been a wild journey managing this business and an incredible community of dreamers. There have been ups and major downs, tons of grey hair, and supernatural connections. I have failed and fallen on my face more times than I can count. The fact that we are still running and I am writing a ‘5 years later’ blog post is a testimony to God’s goodness and faithfulness.

The past 12-18 months have been a complete whirlwind. My husband and I moved out of Manhattan at the end of March 2018. We packed up our entire life into a single minivan and drove it down to our warehouse in Orlando. For the first time we were BOTH working remotely and left on an adventure to work abroad in Europe. 

We learned that dream can come true if you work hard and plan ahead! We stuck with our cash envelope system the whole time abroad! We traveled, worked, explored and marveled for a month and a half around Italy and France before returning to Orlando to settle down and try to start a family.  We were incredibly shocked and blessed to get pregnant in June of last year, and we welcomed our sweet baby Jane in March of 2019. Juggling motherhood and business ownership has been a whole new season, and I have never needed intentional planning more. 

As the fog of motherhood, hormones, childbearing and breastfeeding are starting to subside, my dreams have re-awakened to see new roads to take this company. I know when God calls you to new roads He will provide the rivers!

"Behold, I will do something new, Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, Rivers in the desert." Isaiah 43:19

The common theme of our new roads in 2020 is community, empowerment, and bucket list experiences. (eeekkk! I seriously can't wait to share more!) 

We are starting with our EPIC Dream Planning Party, and there is so much more in store! (you should totally come! I would love to meet you!)

As we are turning 5, I want to stop and say THANK YOU to everyone in the Horacio Printing family. Together we have raised $57,502 to fight human trafficking.

It’s my prayer that each person who touches our brand and our products are inspired, encouraged, and challenged to pursue a life they love and a life with God. Crafting your life into a work of art is not a one and done task. It’s a constant journey, and we know that the BEST IS YET TO COME!



October 16, 2019 — Polly Payne


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Dayna Mitchell said:

This encouraged me! Thank you. Congratulations and happy birthday. Got my first planner from Horacio in 2017 from the Girlfriend’s Conference and ordered my blush pink one last week! Can’t wait to get it in JAMAICA 🇯🇲 bless you♥️ You are changing lives

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