Hello Horacio Printing Family! 

It's Polly here! I wanted to share a little recap from our FIRST RETREAT, Canvas 2020! I had the privilege of co-hosting this retreat with Amy Brady of evergreen soul wellness. We met at a private beach along the Atlantic Ocean and took a 4-day 3-night PAUSE. 

The heart behind this retreat was to create a space to give God your blank canvas. 

We started each day with meditative holy yoga, where Amy spoke scriptures over our heart as we sat in stillness in nature. We breathed in God's love as we sat and listened to worship music.

We did eight working sessions learning about contemplative practices to grow spiritually and set up our 2020 Dream Planner! We believe your life is your canvas, and so we spent our time designing the life we want to lead with intention. 

One of my favorite parts was our excursion to a prayer labyrinth and garden. I wanted to share what I heard during my prayer walk: 

“I am with you. I am for you. When you come to an end, I AM there. I will always have a path for you. I am the east, and I am the west. Where can you go from my presence? I am in all things. I am the vine. Walk in my vineyard. I love you. Be still, stay still. I will take care of you.” 

God was so ready to meet us in the stillness of this retreat. It was incredible! 

What else did we do? We enjoyed long family dinners, sunset walks on the beach and loads of free time! 

Here is what some of our attendees had to say! 


Do you want to come to our NEXT retreat April?

The weather will be warm and delicious! We aren't opening up spots just yet, but you can sign up to be on our waitlist here and get first dibs at our next retreat. 

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    February 05, 2020 — Polly Payne

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