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I wanted to talk to you about the topic of worry. It's biblical to not worry, but it is so difficult not to worry... am I right? Or is this just me? 


Recently I was helping another business owner with her marketing strategy. I agreed to take on home hours per week to speak with her and build out some plans together. I dove in and soon, after our brainstorm, came the worry storm. This brand filled my mind day and night and I could not stop worrying. When it came time to write down what I accomplished for her and send an invoice, I stared at the number of billable hours (action hours) I had accomplished, and I was so confused. It felt like I had done SO much more than this. How could this be? 


I realized you can't bill for the time you worry. It doesn't count for anything. It only took away from my life, my joy, and it produced no fruit in her business. 


This is the same in our life. When we worry we are not being fruitful in our lives. The next time you find yourself worrying, ask yourself, "Is this billable? Is this producing fruit?" If it's not..... switch gears, smile, and do something else because God is a God of new beginnings! 
I am not advising you to stay super busy, I am advising you to produce fruit. What is fruitful? 
  • Loving well is fruitful. 
  • Spending time in prayer, and worship is fruitful. 
  • Resting is fruitful. 
  • Taking the next step in your dreams is fruitful. 
  • Showing up to your job with a good attitude and ready to work is fruitful. 
  • Encouraging those around you is fruitful. 
  • Praying for the person that is causing you to worry is fruitful. 
  • Taking time to plan your week with intention is fruitful. 
Let's be fruitful this week. Let's kick our worries to the curb and partner with Jesus to create a life that honors God. 
June 18, 2018 — Polly Payne


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