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    Here you go! :) Instant Download – Horacio Printing

    As we step into a new decade we simply had to share this fun exercise with you. 


    Here are the materials: 

    1) You will need a surface to build on! I like these cork boards! 

    2) If you are using a cork board you will need push pins

    3) Here is the PDF download of our 'Power' word sheets. These includes words and pictures of beautiful places. Just click and download! 


    Take the time to cut it out! This is a great exercise to do with your friends or family this season! Be sure to tag us in a picture of your vision board! #dreamplanningparty 


     TIP: We recommend doing your 2020 personal growth plan + 2020 bucket list first and once you have those two big puzzle pieces you can make a visual vision board to help remind you of what truly matters! 

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