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I am so sorry for upsetting you with our credit to Bill Hybels in the front of our 2019 Dream Planner. We sent our 2019 Dream Planners to print in May of 2018. The planners were published, and on their way to our warehouse by July of 2018. The allegations came out against Bill Hybels for his misconduct in August of 2018.


In 2017 I heard a sermon by Bill Hybels, and it transformed the way I plan my dreams. He preached it at the Hillsong Conference, and it was all about the importance of creating a 'God-first' schedule, and asking yourself 'Who am I becoming?"

He encouraged people to spend 15 mins in a chair with God each day. His teaching along with Dave Ramsey's teaching inspired me to create the personal growth wheel in the 2018 Dream Planner and 2019 Dream Planner.


I was SO disheartened to hear about what happened. As someone who is extremely intolerant to sexual abuse and exploitation, this was incredibly heartbreaking. If you have suffered at the hands of the abuser, or know someone who has, I want to give you my personal apology. I have gone through my own personal experiences of abuse, and I stand with you in healing and restoration.


I have removed Bill's sermon from our website resources, and everywhere we mention his name. I re-filmed all our video tutorials to remove his teaching from our resources.

I know that God can use ANYONE to do good things for his kingdom, I know this because He has used me and I am very unworthy. I still believe that God did good things through Bill, I believe God has grace for Bill, but ultimately his actions tarnishes his teaching. 

Our 2019 Dream Planner all have his name printed. There is nothing I can do to erase this, and for that, I apologize. For all future Dream Planners, we honor Christine Caine, Erwin McManus, Hillsong NYC and King Jesus as they have played the most significant role in our inspiration and growth as we keep building for the future.

God is good; God does good.

Thank you for your grace.



Polly Payne 

Founder of Horacio Printing 

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