"I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint." Jeremiah 31:25

The purpose of the seasonal refresh section is to give you a special place to pause and refocus on God’s faithfulness. To download our free workbook sign up here! 


Part One:  Praise Report:  It is easy to focus on our sources of struggle, but right now we challenge you to choose to focus on the blessings!  Think back on all the beautiful things that happened so far this year:  Births, Provision, Jesus, Peace, Community, or something that happened today!  Be thankful for the little things.  Either make a list of your blessings or write a ‘praise prayer.’  When we are truly thankful, we are focusing our attention on God’s glory and love.  The Lord inhabits the praises of His people.  It is when you delight in the Lord that he reveals and gives you the desires of your true heart!


Part Two:  Read our prayer for you and write down three things you are believing for!


Part Three:  Generosity Planning:  We already have a page created for this section.  You can check it out here!


Part Four:  Heart Check:  Our heart is so important to God.  We already have a page created for this section.  You can check it out here!  ** BONUS **  We have an amazing sermon for you to watch by Steven Furtick!   It’s called the 3 habits of a healthy heart. We encourage you to watch it and be blessed. 


Part Five:  Refocus Cloud:  What are you juggling now?  We already have a page created for this section.  You can check it out here!


Part Six:  Refresh your Goals:  It’s time to refresh your goals!  Let’s come up with four goals that you want to focus on.  What dream have you buried with busyness?  It is so easy to do.  Feel free to make one goal very achievable/easy.  I also challenge you to write something down that you believe is beyond you!  What is something that is beyond your own strength?  Write down dreams that you could only do with God’s strength.  We have a great worksheet that will help you break down each big goal into actionable items.  Click here to download our free seasonal refresh worksheet!


Here are some helpful tips on how to use this worksheet:

  1. Write your outcome! What tangible, achievable, measurable outcome are you shooting for?
  2. We added two little bubbles to check off to make sure it is specific and measurable!
  3. Draw a small symbol in the box that correlates to your goal. (For example, if you are trying to be fluent in French, it might be a small Eiffel Tower.) You can mark this symbol in your planner to keep track of the days you want to spend time on goal.
  4. Take time to write down the WHY. This is the fuel for your outcome. Without a strong why, our goals tend to get lost in the shuffle of life. Why do you have to do this? Why is this exciting? What will this mean for your future? What will you gain? How will the world or others be impacted?
  5. Brainstorm your next steps. What resources, preparations, and actions are needed to get this going? This is thinking time. Get somewhere quiet, turn your phone off and dig in.
  6.  Next, is your time. How many hours a week are you going to invest? What is your timeline? I like to set a clear deadline and work backwards. We are rooting for you! If you have any questions email us at hi@horacioprinting.com