Welcome to Pillar One! Here is my step-by-step advice for getting the most out of this class.
  • Step One: Print the Pillar One Workbook. If you want it printed and bound I suggested getting it printed and bound at Staples. 
  • Step Two: Read through the workbook completely.
  • Step Three: Watch the course video below. We have a copy of the presentation you can print out and use to take notes on. The course is one hour long, you can watch it in 30 min segments if needed. 
  • Step Four: Complete the thinking time questions in the workbook 
  • Step Five: Keep a list of questions and ask any questions you have about the course materials in our private Facebook group! I will answer Qs live once a month in the group.  If you purchased our bundles you have access! :) 
  • Step Six: Keep investing in yourself with reading time & listening time! All the links you need are below. 
  • Step Seven: Be sure to check out the bonus materials at the bottom of the page! 






Start Up Cost Sheet & Video Tutorial Below!