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Sample Invite:

Hey Sarah!
I hope you are doing great! I would like to invite you to my Dream Planning Party on _______! Horacio Printing invited me to host a dream planning party where we can get together and encourage each other around our dreams! Here are all the details I hope you can make it!!
Date: Nov 7th, 10-2PM
Location: My house! 4567 Orchard St
What to bring: Just yourself! 
What to expect: 3 hours of fun. We will do a 2019 praise report, a quick bible study and then a dream planning exercise! Can’t wait!!

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This year we made vision boards! We wanted to give you the resources to facilitate this at your event if you choose. We used cork boards b/c they are reusable and SIMPLE! You can add to it later etc. We didn't have a ton of time at our event to flip through magazines forever so I made powersheets to help people find the words and pictures they want to use. 

(1) Cork Board

(2) Push Pins 

(3) Power Sheets   (just click to download the pdf) 







Just give it a swing. That was the beauty of the night. The main thing was bringing Jesus into our 2017 and recognizing His sovereignty over 2016.


Relax and have fun!! I also really loved the opportunity to lead a group of my friends in changing their view for the next year and help them refocus to make it the best year ever - it is such an amazing opportunity!


That you don't have to have all your ducks in a row to do the workshop, it's to help all who are involved and such a wonderful thing just to get out and bounce ideas off each other and enjoy the company.


The praise report is such a ice breaker for the night! It gets the night going with excitement for the days ahead of us.


To be bold and ask others to declare their dreams! To be a listener. To encourage. It's not all about us even though we spend all of our time in our own planner. I think something that made it hard for me was not feeling comfortable inviting some people because of things that have happened in the last year. It felt awkward, so I didn't even try. I want to be better about maintaining my relationships throughout the year so that an event like this can be more fun.


That planning can be joyful and freeing - don't worry about getting it all right or doing it the same as everyone else.


Read the plans ahead of time to keep it flowing


I think the details really make the event; I printed off the exercises on fancy/thicker paper and bought snacks, pretty stationary to write our dreams on, etc.


You get blessed by leading something like this. Incredible to hear your sisters' hearts and know how to encourage one another


I think any time you prepare to host an event like this, you have your own idea about how it's going to go... but God may need that moment with those friends to speak to them or touch them in some way, and it ends up becoming something bigger than you could have orchestrated on your own. Being aware of this, and being comfortable in that moment, is the one thing I would pass on to future hosts.


I would say remember to have fun planning. Don't overthink everything.


When you give space for people to listen from the Lord, be still, and a safe environment, vulnerability is a natural response. Don't be afraid that the night won't be a success! 


 Hosting the event is a selfless endeavor. Watching, helping,  serving and witnessing women's "AhHa" Moments can be the best. Be flexible and open to building relationships. Be okay with not everyone being super enlightened. There are seeds being sown, even for the women that may seem distant. I had a private dream planning session with a friend to focus on my personal goals so that I could serve.


God is the pilot and we are the copilot in everything we do including planning!


Be ready to feel God in your home!!!



There were some ladies who originally thought their year was the worst, but as they started recording their wins, they realized it wasn't as bad. Some had never done the SOAP method before. They loved that time to do that.


We had many gals tell stories and dreams that they had never spoken out loud to anyone before which was so powerful to see a dream forming and being released within the group. It was so encouraging to see people stepping out in faith to dream BIGGER in 2017


I had some girls tell me they had never dreamed about their future before with the Lord and that made this night so worth it.


We were all challenged by the question "who do you want to become?" And "if God ordered your schedule what would it look like?" It was an empowering night.


I never knew that some of my closest people had such big dreams. I don't know why we don't talk about it. But we should! I think boldly asking people allows for them to boldly answer! And they've shared something deep and close with you that you feel you must guard. You want to support that!


I now regularly text two of the girls and we check up on how our 3-month goals are going. We remember what each wants to achieve and what they're praying for and we ask them about it whenever we can. I loved bringing my friends in on this experience with me since I have been using the planner for 2 years before the party and had just done it by myself.


Yes! My friend Leslie works in corporate and has had a burning desire to transition into her passion of financial advising and helping people become debt free. Some of the women at the dream planning party became her first clients. Two women discussed creating a film  the evening of the party and they are filming this coming weekend!


It went great! We had such a fun time together and it was the first time any of us had done anything like that to get ready for the following year and everyone really loved it!