It is our prayer that 2021 is a year for to become UNSHAKEABLE. We want to help you create a personal growth plan to weather all of life's storm. It starts with your schedule. You schedule determines you who will become, so let's declare who we want to become and then make time for it! 

You are divinely created by an amazing God and you have the power to create a future. Let's continue to dig in and be modeled by our creator.

Step One - Assessment

Fill in the little pizza chart based on how you are doing and your potential. Here is an explanation of each category.

  • Spiritual - How you-you doing in your soul? Are you making time to be in God's presence? Are you seeking after His wisdom? Are you spiritually full? 
  • Physical - How is your temple? Are you feeding it well? Are you prioritizing your health with sleep and exercise? 
  • Professional - How is your career? Are you stagnate or growing? Are you still learning? 
  • Relationship - This category is referring to ANY relationship you want. 
  • It could be romantic, family, friends, co-workers. Search your heart and let God lead you to the answer. 
  • Financial - Are you stewarding your blessings? Tithing? God has a lot to say about money and debt. How do your finances look? Is it adding to your stress? 
  • Personal - This category is for you, your dreams, your passions. Are you making time for YOU? Your personal growth? Education? Passions? 

Step Two - Dream In All Directions

This is the fun part! This is where you declare WHO you want to become in each category!

CLARITY - After filling out who you really want to become in all directions of your life, this bird's eye view of where you are going is a tool. This tool shows you want you can say NO to in the next 3 months.

Step Three - Make Time!

If you want to become a loving wife or get a degree in communications, you have to make time for it. Activities have to show up on in your planner that truly lead to you becoming this. So list out ONE thing you can do this week, or tomorrow that would make a difference in each category.

Step Four - 3-Month Goals in all Areas of Your Life

Turn the page and write down 1-3 goals in each category that you want to accomplish in the next three months. Make sure you revisit this each week as you start to plan your schedule. Remember if you want it to happen it needs to show up on your schedule. 

Step Five - Check-In. You will get a chance to repeat this section every 3 months in your seasonal refresh!