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    A little back story......

    I have been working on a project for a few weeks now. I started building a grief journal to help me process the grief I was experiencing from COVID 19. Sometimes grief is obvious, and sometimes it hides and manifests itself.

    As I began to finish this project, we have now entered a new climate of unrest. Grief is everywhere as the veil is lifting to reveal and expose racism and injustice in our country. Suppressed trauma is being shared, learned, and ultimately helping us to heal the root of injustice.

    I want to invite you to journal, process, pray, and heal. This is not about healing and moving on. This is about healing and moving forward.

    I think it is important to keep taking action, educating ourselves, listening with compassion, and remain soft at heart. To stay healthy and soft in heart, we need to process our grief.

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    I believing for a future that is full of love, unity, and equality. I am believing for a great harvest for God's kingdom and a full restoration of the body of Christ. I still believe the best is yet to come!