Hello Friend!


We are back! Day two! Thank you for your commitment and interest in learning more about A21 together. Grab your bible and a blank sheet of paper, and let's jump right in!



It’s easy to see a big issue like human trafficking and feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem. Christine Caine discussed in her book Undaunted that, “Once I met the one, everything changed,’ meaning that once she met a victim face to face the issue was no longer an issue, it was a person. The day Christine Caine met the ONE everything changed, and today YOU will meet the one.

We have two very personal stories for you to watch. One is of a young girl named Anna, and another of a young girl named Nicole. You might think that human trafficking only happens in far away places, but the truth is, it can take place in your town. We know these videos can be heartbreaking, and this topic is not light. We are with you right now, and we promise there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You are right where you are supposed to be.





After watching, answer 3 questions: (short answer/optional reflection)

1 - If I could say something to this woman, what would I say?

2 - If I could help this woman, what would I do?

3 - What is my prayer for these women?

We have a special invitation at the bottom for you, keep going!



Now it is time to reflect and spend time in God’s word. Open up your bible to Psalm 103, and grab a blank journal. We are going to do a SOAP bible study with a couple of extra questions added. Here is the link again to our soap template. 


  • Read Psalm 103:6-18
  • Write down the verse or phrase that really pops out for you.


  • What did you observe in this passage you just read?


  • What action can you take today to live this passage?
  • Are you going to commit to finishing this crash course? If so, declare this action in writing.


  • Write your individual prayer to God.
  • Together we are praying for deliverance, freedom, strength. We invite you to pray this prayer of Psalm 103:6 over the victims.

“When I called, you answered me; you greatly emboldened me.” Psalm 138:3

Special Invitation : Would you like an opportunity to share a word of encouragement with a survivor? We would like to invite you to sign up to host an encouragement card crafting party. Sign up HERE to learn more! You can do this alone, but we know that together we can go further.

Thank you so much for Day TWO! We know these videos were tough to watch. God is with you and we love you! Tune in tomorrow - same time - for your FINAL day of our crash course! You are ⅔ rds of the way there!



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