HORACIO noun [hor-ray-she-oh]

1. Latin meaning: timekeeper;  2.  Virtuous character from Shakespeare's Hamlet;  3.  Lovely street in the West Village of New York where our first planner was born.



Horacio Printing is a Christian brand whose mission is to help individuals unlock their inner artist and connect with their God-given purpose.  Horacio Printing was established in 2014 in New York City.  Inspired by Erwin McManus’s book “The Artisan Soul,” our founder, Polly, began to create a tool to help her redesign her life into a work of art.  She started by building a refocus cloud that helped her reduce/minimize distractions, and the rest is history! In 2015, Horacio Printing started a successful Kickstarter campaign and began to pledge 10% of every product sold to A21.org.  A21 is an incredible non-profit organization that is making a difference by fighting human trafficking globally. 



Our Values

Our company values are verbs that we live by externally and internally.

Encourage, Grace, and Challenge 


Encourage – In everything we create and do, we want to encourage believers around the world to believe and trust God to do what He says He will do.  We want people to believe in the potential they have through the power of Christ that is just waiting to be unlocked.  God does not put dreams and visions in our hearts to upset us, to mock us, or to frustrate us.  We know He wants to complete these visions through us.  God realizes our limitations and our weaknesses, yet how amazing is it that He uses such imperfect and unqualified people!?  We want to encourage everyone so that they know that they are loved, precious, and treasured.

Grace – In everything we create and do, we want to spread the message of grace.  We want to encourage people to give and accept grace.  When we live a life full of grace for others and grace for ourselves, there is NO limit to what we can do!  We make plans, but ultimately God’s will is perfect. There are many paths to get to our dreams, and we have to have grace for ourselves and be flexible as we travel the path of life.

Challenge – We want to challenge people to be the best possible version of themselves. Our core challenge is to treasure the time we have been given on this earth, not wasting a moment or letting the cultural distractions discourage you.  We challenge people to retreat from distractions and refocus their heart on God.  Personal growth springs from these challenges as they push you to find the warrior within and inspire you to reconnect with your God-given passions!  Accepting this challenge requires you to develop discipline with time, focus, and minimizing distractions.  We challenge people to rise above what the world expects of you and embrace your God-given purpose.


Encouragement – We foster a culture of encouraging each other -- whether it be sharing a kind word or being quick to listen to someone who needs an ear and a prayer.  We also want to take the time to celebrate and thank God for the victories.  We set aside time to write random notes of encouragement to random customers monthly!  Moreover, we place an emphasis on encouraging new ideas, innovation, and coffee breaks.

Grace – Our team is encouraged to give each other grace and give ourselves grace.  We foster a culture of transparency and quick forgiveness.  We clarify and verify every single request that is made to each other. It is imperative to keep your promises and do your best job, but our #1 priority is people and our relationships with each other.

Challenge – We want to challenge all the status quos of a printing company. We want to challenge each other to do our best work and build products that visually move people. We challenge ourselves to provide more added value to customers and to be a friend more than a brand. We are challenging the darkness by fighting against human trafficking with A21. We are unapologetically Christian, and will always seek out a way to put God in the center of everything we release.  It is His vision that we desire to fulfill, and it is the obstacles of the heart that we strive to help people break through. The challenge is accepted.