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a look inside the Dreamer's Circle 

What's included each month in the Dreamer's Circle 

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3 Live Bible Studies

Let's do SOAP Together! 

Each month we will meet virtually on Zoom to complete three Soap Sessions as a group! If you miss any of them, you can easily access the recording. 

Monthly Resources

- Special Message from Polly 
- Scripture Meditation 
- Curated Sermons + Podcasts 
- Desktop Background
- Curated Playlist
+ More! 

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2 Live Dreaming + Planning Sessions

Dream Coaching | Mid Month 

In this session we will dive into your personal growth plan and discuss new ways to make your dreams a reality!

Plan with Me | Last Saturday of the Month

Meet me casually over coffee at 11 AM to plan out the next month. Bring your Planner and fun pens! We will get a fresh start on the next month. 

Why we love the Dreamer's Circle 

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Not social media

This is not another Facebook group. If you are taking a break from social media, comparison and fomo; this is safe for you. 

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Meet other dreamers

Find other folks in the Horacio Printing family near you. We can share encouragement, prayer requests and even do virtual dream planning parties. 

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All in one place 

Never search through email to find all the event links. Everything lives in one easy to use app. You can sync all the events with your calendar as well to set reminders. 

What's a live virtual Bible study like? 

Glad you asked! We have been testing out this experience and hosting live Soap Bible studies for the past few months. Check out what some people had to say! 

I love that your Bible studies are simple and short. I work full-time, have two babies and a side business. Finding time to go to an in person study is challenging. This is just perfect. 

As a result of this study, I have now begun my own SOAP study. I love it! God has woken me up at 5 a.m. and I now look forward to spending time with him in study. This has always been sooo hard for me to do.  I would put if off or not do it at all. Now, I look forward to it with expectancy and joy! Thanks for opening this study up to me.

POLLY! WOAH! I just listened to Bible Study night 2 and GOD SHOWED UP! He revealed some amazing stuff to me about His plan and purpose, not just for my life but what I need to share with others, and WOW. I can't stop saying that. WOW. 

Thank you SO much for your SOAP bible study and zoom call. I watched the replay this morning and was blessed.

I work in a very hectic job.  I try and make time to slow down but the truth is that I often fail.  I love how you showed us that a few minutes a day, quiet and before the Lord changes our atmosphere and renews our minds.

Those 30 minutes we're so rich and deep. I absolutely love the break down of S.O.A.P. I'm just so blessed by you and thankful.

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