To break down massive dreams and projects into specific action plans fueled with passion.


How do you accomplish a BIG dream? Where do you start? You take the next step. These project pages are created to give you a roadmap for accomplishing a dream. You start with defining what you really want to do and giving your dream a deadline.

Dreams need deadlines. By giving yourself a deadline your mind has a structure to really get to work and build out the stepping stones to take you from 1 to 100.

Find Your WHY.

Listing your WHY is crucial. Why is this important? Does it connect to something on your bucket list? Did God give you some vision for this? Will it benefit His kingdom? Write it down!

Without the why we will lose our passion and our dream will become a burden and burdens gets abandoned.

Let your 'to do' list for this project live here on the project page. Carve out time in your weekly spread to work on 'Stage One - Project Name'. Keeping the project info here in the back lets your weekly spread stay clear and concise.

Revisit your projects weekly as you plan your weekly schedule.

We are rooting for you!