The sun stings your cheeks, a slap in the face.

How can the sun shine when He is dead?

You stand alone, steps away from His tomb. You are a walking nightmare; the screams from your past threaten to return.

But wait—the rock is gone. You wipe the tears from your eyes, terrified you’ve actually gone insane.

You almost don’t hear it—the hesitant shuffle behind you. But you sense a presence. Why can’t you just enjoy this sacred moment?

“Excuse me, but why are you crying? Who are you looking for?”

You turn around. “I’m looking for my Lord; they’ve taken Him away. I don’t know where.”

The man is the vision of kindness, most likely the gardener. His presence calms you, and something tickles at the back of your head. His smile makes you release the breath you didn’t know you were holding.

“If it was you, please—” Your breath hitches. Panic rises, and you drop your gaze to the ground.

“Please tell me where He is. I just want to know . . .”


He says your name.


Life flows into you. The darkness cornering you flees back to Sheol, replaced only by light. Your gaze slowly raises, raises to the man standing in front of you.

Those sparkling eyes. That reassuring smile. Those loving, giving hands. Your lips tremble, tears well. One word falls out of your mouth, barely above a whisper:


Just like Mary, we too have been called by name.

The great shepherd, the Lion of Judah, the gardener of our souls: He has called us to Himself, leaving us with His Word and the testament of His time here on earth.


We may never know every detail of His time spent on earth, but He has given us all we needed to know.


He died for our sins, paying a debt we could never even consider paying.


He rose again, defeating death and saving us from eternal torment, restoring our relationship with the Father.


He daily gives us the strength we need to become more like Him.


We only need to recognize Him in our lives. Recognize His mighty working in our lives and step into the potential He has given us.


We start with understanding how the Gospel is living and breathing: how every day, not just Easter, is a celebration of Jesus’ immense sacrifice and the gift we have in Him.


Because the Gospel changes everything. Who else but the Creator of the world could use a demoniac, a fisherman, a political zealot, a persecutor of His people? Who could use a dirty fisherman, a corrupt government worker, a murderer, and a prostitute?


Only God, our God. And if He used them, then surely He can use you too, no matter your situation or background or mistakes.


Come to the father, dear one. You are loved more than you’ll ever know.


Happy Easter from the Horacio Printing Family

Special thanks to our guest writer and contributor Amanda Brown. 

Amanda Michelle Brown is a professional graphic designer living in ever-sunny LA. She loves reading Emily Dickinson, making chocolate-blueberry-banana bread, and telling stories that are a little over-exaggerated. Her perfect day includes drinking rosebud tea and watching a BBC drama. She has run a blog and magazine, Oh Beloved One, since she was 12 and loves her title as Blogger, Podcaster, Head Editor, and Head Designer.
Instagram: @beloved.magazine


April 03, 2021 — Polly Payne

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