Today we’re celebrating an anniversary here at Horacio Printing! We opened the doors to Print School exactly ONE YEAR ago, and it’s been amazing to journey alongside so many students pursuing their own print dreams. The growth and transformation we have seen has been incredible, and we are so proud of every one of our students for stepping out in faith to follow the incredible dreams God has placed on their hearts!



We believe whole-heartedly in the framework and content we’ve developed for Print School, and the results our students are seeing speak volumes about its effectiveness. It’s been a highly successful program. 

So why would we close the doors? 

Our current Print School (we’re calling it Print School 1.0) is only closing to make way for Print School 2.0 which will debut late Summer/ early Fall of 2023. But if you’re ready, you still have time to jump in…at least for a few more days!


Have you been feeling that nudge from God? Can’t stop thinking about creating your own devotional, planner, workbook, or journal…the one He’s put on your heart to share with others? 

When we have a God-sized dream, it can be really easy to get focused on outcomes.

-How do I make it happen? 

-What if it’s not good enough? 

-How do I sell it? 

-What if no one buys it? 

The anxiety and confusion we experience when we consider the details is where we so often get STUCK. Maybe what God is showing you feels so clear (like the picture on a puzzle box), but you feel like you have a million pieces to try to figure out. 

You don’t have to figure it all out right now. You just need an edge!

Just like with a puzzle, when you can find the edge, you can start making progress towards the big picture God had for you all along! 

I believe that PRINT SCHOOL might be exactly the edge you are looking for. 


If you haven’t heard my story, you might not know it took me years of trial and error to hone my skills for getting my print dreams from my heart to my hands! Trust me, I asked myself ALL THE QUESTIONS! Thankfully, I found encouragement in God’s Word and through family and friends who reminded me that I was capable and NOT ALONE. I stopped focusing on the outcome and fixed my eyes on the single step God was asking me to take, and one day at a time I made progress. 

As a Print School student, I’ll walk you through that same step-by-step process  that moves you from ideation to design to printing and marketing YOUR THING. You can find ALL the details here

But here’s the best part…

I’ve got a special deal for anyone who is ready to get started NOW, but enrollment for Print School 1.0 will only be open for ONE MORE WEEK.  You must apply by midnight on June 28th to get in before it’s closed for good. 

If you jump into Print School NOW, you get…

  • Access to Print School 1.0 (and early access to Print School 2.0 once it is launched.)
  • Locked in LOWEST price for Print School!
  • $100 OFF TUITION!
  • A BONUS 60 minute 1-on-1 Coaching Call with Polly. ($250 value)
  • $200 Credit towards you first product sample with our preferred printer.
  • Access to all of our preferred vendors and designers
  • To jump on our next group coaching call! (We have TWO every month!)

If this gets you excited and you're ready to secure your spot and invest in YOUR dream, all you have to do is apply! We can’t wait to see what YOU create. 

If you have questions or comments, you are always welcome to reach out to me! You can DM at my personal Instagram or the Horacio Printing Instagram page or send us an email at

June 21, 2023 — Polly Payne

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