Spring is here! Spring represents new growth, new possibilities and new beginnings. I believe that God has new possibilities for your life that He wants you to take hold of - new ways of looking at relationships, new ways of serving other, new ways of loving the people around us.

With new growth there are growing pains. Stretching is painful, especially at first! I believe some of you reading this are in a season of stretching. I want to encourage you to lean into the areas of your life where you feel stretched and try to be thankful for the burn! Thankful that God is using you and sculpting you for your glorious future and purpose. You need to stretch out your faith and breath because you are not doing this on your own. You have the strength of the God of the Angel armies on your side and the further you stretch, the further they will take you!

Personally I am in a season of stretching with relationships. I recently traveled down to Orlando, Florida to check out warehouse for Horacio Printing. After we saw the space and witnessed the miracle of our new warehouse, I went with my friend to her missionary prayer meeting at a local church. Many of the people in the room had not yet raised the funds for a missionary trip the group was planning. But the group leader stood up with power and said ‘God has promised you this trip. But you have to FIGHT for your promise. When you are given a gift from God, you receive heaven's attention AND hell's attention. That means you have to fight in the middle, every day. Fight for your promise from God!'

As I sat and listened I realized that my battleground, or mission-field, was right in front of me. For me, I heard God tell me that my promise was my husband, and I was not fighting for my promise. I have not been fighting for joy in my home and fighting to make it a place of encouragement. I realized my home is my mission-field right now. This perspective has brought a complete change in the way I interact with my husband. When I step into my home it becomes my place to make a difference in my partnership in love. God over-delivered in his promise to me for my husband, and he'll continue to support me. But I also have to fight for it every day - and now I realize nothing could make me happier!

Today I want to ask you: What is something that you have prayed for and begged God for? Maybe it’s your job, your husband, your apartment, roommate, church family, provision, education, an opportunity. What was something that God promised for you and He delivered – and now you have it and it doesn’t seem as shiny, holy, or wonderful? 

What is your promise? What do you need to fight for?

This is your promise, and you have to fight for your promise! This is your mission field. Your battleground. Maybe it is your marriage, your job, your friendship. If the enemy could get you to resent you promise and lose your desire to fight for it… your promise will lose it’s purpose. If the enemy could ruin my marriage with discouragement and comparison, he could dim my purpose. God promised us to each other, and His promise has PURPOSE; to glorify Him.  

I want to challenge you to write down one promise that you want to re-commit to for God. God is good and He can bring fresh perspective and grace to anything that is dead and bring it back to life!




April 26, 2017 — Polly Payne
Tags: god love promise


Patrice said:

So powerful! And such confirmation to my heart this week! Speaking blessings over your marriage!


Elizabeth said:

This was beautiful and so encouraging for me today! Thank you

Ruth Anderson said:

Thank you so much for what you do!! So glad I found this community.

Shaherah said:

Thank you for this reminder and encouragement! Figh for MY Promise!!!! Got it! Wearing the Full Armor of God Almighty! Amen! Suit up Ladies, its gonna be God-Some!!!!!

Martina said:

Thank you for this!!! It is so on point! Great word!

Tracy said:

God spoke to me through you today!

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