Today we are celebrating our NINTH birthday at Horacio Printing! It's hard to believe that nine years have passed since I said yes to the dream God placed in my heart. I could never have imagined this would be my full-time job and that my first-ever product, the Dream Planner, would impact SO many lives! I am beyond excited to see how God will continue to work within and through Horacio Printing. It is such an honor to lead this team and to engage in the business of Kingdom work.

My success would not be possible without all the friends, family members, mentors, and customers who have encouraged me and helped me develop and grow Horacio Printing into what it is today. I'm so grateful for every single dreamer who has supported us through the years, and TODAY only, we're offering 20% off everything at when you use the code: BIRTHDAY 

I've found that success doesn't come easily- the learning curve has been pretty steep! Starting a business can definitely be overwhelming in the beginning (and even sometimes after you start!) Still, if God has given you the dream to start a business, I want to encourage you that IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN TOO!  In fact, there are two small steps you can take today that I am confident will help you on your own journey.

#1- Listen to this special episode of the Dream Printing Podcast! Today, I'm sharing the top 10 critical business and life lessons I've learned that have helped me step into my "success." 


#2- Check out the Productivity + Power Bundle that I'm launching next week with my friends, Chelsi Jo and Stefanie. You can learn about all the goodness we'll have available on 10/23 by visiting

I can't think of a better birthday present than knowing YOU have been inspired to follow your dreams! Today could be the day YOU say yes to God! After you complete one or both of the steps above, send us a DM on Insta or shoot us an email at to let us know. We can't wait to celebrate with you! 

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