Dream Planning Party Invite

Dream Planning Party Invite

Hello Horacio Printing Family!


We have launched Dream Planning Parties globally and you are invited to host your own Dream Planning Party! Sign Up Here We have had +100 people to sign up! Check out all the fun on instagram #dreamplanningparty 

Here are the Details…..

What is a Dream Planning Party?

A special event to let friends dream together and set their goals for 2017. The event includes 2016 reflection, S.O.A.P bible study, Dream planning and sharing your dreams with each other!

What do you bring?

Horacio Printing Planner (new and old) & Bible + whatever the host needs you to bring! 

Who to invite? 

If you are hosting a dream planning party you can invite your friends. It would be fun for everyone to have a planner, but you can obviously invite people who don’t have a planner and invite them to write their dreams in a notebook!

What is the schedule for the party?

We are planning on 3 hours of fun. This can be as formal or as informal as you want! It’s ok if it is just 2 people hanging out! The point is we get together to dream! There is an example of a dream planning party schedule at the bottom of this post.

Is it hard or difficult to host?

Absolutely not! When you sign up we will send you detailed instructions for each group activity! You simply need to come up with a venue, pick a date and invite your friends! Everything about this event is just a suggestion! You can make it your own! We will totally support you.

We can't wait to see how great these parties turn out!

Sign up to host your very own hang out! 





Polly & The Planner Crew 


Example Schedule:

3:00 Arrival

First 30 mins - Meet and greet (hang out!)

3:30 - Welcome and prayer from the host.  If people don’t know each other, this is a great time to go around the room and say your name and a little about yourself! (Have everyone do the meaning of your name/the story of your name)

3:50 - Watch Video (provided by Horacio Printing)

4:00 - Group Activity 1 - 2016 Praise Report Reflection - (anyone can get up and take a break!)

4:30 - Group Activity 2 - S.O.A.P Bible Study

5:00 - Group Activity 3 - Dream Planning - During Dream Planning anyone can get up and take a break! Once everyone is done or at 5:40 have everyone share out your top 2-3 Dreams for 2016!

End in Prayer

December 05, 2016 by Polly Payne
Come Join The Fun!

Come Join The Fun!

Hello Everyone!

 We have a special event coming up on November 5th in New York City! So consider yourself invited! Here are all the details:

What is the event?

 We are hosting a calligraphy class + A21 encouragement card crafting event!

 Calligraphy Class – have you been wanting to learn some sweet calligraphy skills? This is a great class for all, especially beginners! Our calligraphy artist, Nicole Abesamis, will teach you two simple techniques to make your name look beautiful. We will focus on enhancing your unique writing style. All attendees will be given a calligraphy pen and notepad to practice (45 mins).

 A21 Card Crafting – This will be our second card crafting event! We will get together to create cards of encouragement for women that are living in A21's safe homes. If you don’t know much about A21 please check out our partnership with them here. Basically we will be creating beautiful cards and mailing to the Greek office!


When is the event?

Doors open at 12:45PM

Calligraphy Class is at 1:00 PM-2:00 PM (Paid Event) 

A21 crafting event starts at 2:00 PM-3:00 PM (Free Event) 


Where is the event?

In Manhattan! The tentative location is on Wooster Street. We might adjust to a new location if the attendee list grows to more then 20 ppl. We will 100% keep you posted. You must RSVP to be given all the final details.


What is the cost?

Calligraphy Class – The Calligraphy class is $30 to help pay for the special pen, notepad, and venue. 50% of the class cost will be donated to A21.org! You can feel free to stay for the A21 event immediately following.

A21 Event – FREE! So you can show up at 2PM and dive right in to crafting. We do ask that you bring some crafting materials to help us create enough cards. (See list of what to bring below!)


Can I invite friends?

YES! Just make sure they sign up!


Where do I sign up?



What to bring?

You technically do not have to bring anything to come to the event, but we would REALLY love it if you could bring the following things!

1) Crafting Supplies to help us make the cards: blankpaper, cards, washi tape, fun pens, stickers, scissors, cute decorative paper etc.

2) Bouquet of white roses from any bodega you find on the street. If they don’t have white… soft pink will do well! We have a SPECIAL SURPRISE for those!

October 25, 2016 by Polly Payne

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