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When I was younger I never really had the urge to read. There were a few books that I liked, like American Girl stories or the Babysitters Club, but other than that… I didn’t care for it.  It wasn’t until I took a class in high school called “The Novel” when I learned the joy of reading. It was amazing. Since then I have discovered how books can change your life, like 100% life-course altering. After all, It was a book that finally pushed me over the edge and inspired me to make my company.

So now that I am a total bookworm, I wanted to share my reading list for 2016! I did a suggested reading for 2015, which you can read here! I always LOVE suggestions and am happy to answer questions about the books I have read on this list or my 2016 list!! So here it goes… my Reading List/Reviews for 2016!

#1 Let Your Life Speak, By Parker Palmer (status: completed)
Wow, wow, wow, wow. This is a must read. Its small and short, but deeply thought provoking. This collection of essays by Parker Palmer dives into the meaning of vocation and the seasons of life. Rebekah Lyons, Author of #6, introduced me to the book. Pick it up!

#2 Man’s Search for Meaning, By Victor Frankel (status: completed)
This book was also suggested by Rebekah Lyons. Frankel is a Psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor. He dives into the truth behind the meaning of life and how man is constantly in search of his meaning and calling. It is so amazing! It is sad of course, but you can do it! Please Do It!

#3 The Jesus Story, By White Horse Press (status: in the middle)
I picked this up on Kickstarter! I saw a man was trying to produce a blend of the four gospels. So it is written to ensure that every detail in included. There are no chapters or verses listed, so it reads like a novel.  I really love it.

#4 How To Be Rich, Andy Stanley (status: unread)
I never got around to this book last year, so it is on the list again!! I heard a great sermon on this book given by Chris Hodgens from Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, AL.  This sermon also inspired our Generosity page in our planner, so I can not wait to read this!

#5 Restless, By Jennie Allen (status: unread)
This one I bought on a whim. It was suggested by Amazon. It is listed as"A PRACTICAL PLAN TO IDENTIFY THE THREADS OF YOUR LIFE AND HOW TO INTENTIONALLY WEAVE THEM TOGETHER FOR GOD’S GLORY AND PURPOSES." I am so excited to read it. I loved her video here.

#6 FreeFall to Fly, by Rebekah Lyons (status: completed)
I LOVED this book!  I heard Rebekah speak on Christine Caines Pod Cast. This book is about finding your calling. Rebekah is a mother of 3 who moved from ATL to NYC. I can relate here since I moved from Alabama to NYC. But I did not have the stress of 3 children… so props to Rebekah. I loved this honest read about the struggles of anxiety and finding purpose. She has so many great lessons packed in here. She reminds us that we don’t need to medicate we need to feel in order to change and stretch into what God wants us to become! God healed her, and His faithfulness is revealed. It also comes with a cool workbook!

#7 CLOUT, by Jenni Catron (status: unread)
I saw this book a few places before picking it up. This book is about helping you discover and unleashing your God-Given influence. It is easy to believe that power, influence, and leadership are gifts given to a special few. But the Bible says otherwise.  I am excited to read this one!

#8 SandCastle Kings, by Rich Jay Wilkerson Jr (status: in the middle)
I LOVE the Wilkersons!  I have heard all of the family preach, and they are just amazing! I am so proud of them and how they have recently planted VOUS church in Miami. Rich’s book is so great! We all strive here on Earth to build our wealth, our careers, etc but ultimately we are only building sandcastles.  It helps you understand that the only answer for your spiritual bankruptcy is Jesus and that until you turn to him you will never experience the lasting peace and joy you so desperately crave.

#9 Warrior Chicks, By Holly Wagner (status: In the middle)
I adore Holly! I heard her speak recently at Girlfriend’s conference in Miami. She is a warrior and an amazing role model. This books is very encouraging especially if you are facing a difficult season right now.

#10 Mere Christianity, by C.S. Lewis (Status: unread)
This is a classic. I have heard teasers in church, especially when I would occasionally find myself in Redeemer, NYC. I have read many of Time Keller's books, and he is a big fan, so I am sure this will be a winner.

#11 Live. Love. Lead. , By Brian Houston (status: in the middle)
This is a GREAT book on living out your God-given potential! Your Best Is Yet To Come! AMEN! I picked this book up at Hillsong Conference. It also makes for a GREAT gift. Brian is a legend, and this book is such a moving and great read!
#12 UNASHAMED, by Christine Caine (Status: not even released yet!)
So I had to put this one on there because I will read this as SOON as it comes out on May 10th, 2016. I love Christine Caine. Her passion for Christ and for kicking devil butt is contagious!  We give to A21 as a company in support of this! I suggest you pre-order as soon as possible!

So that is it!! I better get busy huh!?!

Much Love!


December 28, 2016 — Polly Payne

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