Meet Your Coach!

Polly is the founder and CEO of Horacio Printing! The first four years of Horacio Printing's existence, Polly has handled web design, customer service, financial planning, operations, social media, marketing, content creation, email marketing, advertising on Facebook and Instagram, product creation, fulfillment/distribution, as well taxes, legal requirements moving from New York to Florida. Last year she coached 28 aspiring business owners and watched them grow into successful entrepreneurs!

Who is this class for? 

This small business course is helpful at any stage. If you 'haven't picked a name yet' to... 'I've been in business for 3+ years.' The start bundle has the foundations to get your business started, the growth bundle is all about launching, driving revenue and success in the long term!


Do you offer a payment plan? 
Yes! Feel free to email us at to set you up with an interest free payment plan. 

When does the class begin?

As soon as you buy! We will deliver the course materials to your inbox. 


What is the pace of this class? 

You can completely go at your OWN pace! We want to make sure you get the most out of each pillar course. Starting a small business while having a full time job , going to school or managing a family requires flexibility. Take the classes on YOUR time and get the support you need along the way! 

What comes with each pillar?

  • 1+ Hr Video Course 
  • Guided Workbook 
  • Action Item Homework
  • Insights into the hidden hurdles, mindset mistakes, and money traps that you might face
  • Bonus Materials (Tutorials, Resources) 
  • Suggested Reading 
  • Suggested Podcasts 

Can I purchase one individual class? 

Sure! If there is one topic you are most interested in you can purchase that course a-la-carte! We do offer discounts if you are buying the bundles as well as access to our Facebook Live coaching. 

Do you offer 1-1 coaching?

All our key pillar lessons are pre-recorded. If you want a more supported experience with real-time Q&A, we have created a private Facebook group for this! Our private Facebook group offers a space to ask your individual questions and get a response within 48 business hours! The Facebook group will host two live events with Polly each month. The first event is a LIVE Q&A to ask your questions in real time; the second will be a LIVE lesson on an important business topic each month! You will get to learn from other business owners, get peer feedback and be encouraged by the community! You don't have to go at it alone! 
Access to our private Facebook group is available for purchase. If you purchase one of our bundles, you get access for free. 

What if I have a question?

You can ALWAYS email us at if you have a question about this course. Once you are taking our course, we recommend directing all questions about the course material or business advice to our private Facebook group for this. (see questions above to learn more) 



Over the last three months, not only has my business grown, but my vision and direction have grown. I was able to learn so much about how to grow a business and all the little details that make that happen. This course is definitely something I recommend. For what we got, it was a steal! I would take another class on the spot. - Claire Donahue, Olympic Gold Medalist 

This course was so much more than I expected. I signed up thinking I would be gaining information that would be helpful "someday" when I felt ready to start my own business. Polly is so helpful and encouraging that my "someday" became a "now". I have gone from just an idea to having a formed LLC gearing up to start taking clients in the next month. I have learned about marketing, taxes, bookkeeping, and, most importantly, how to believe in myself and the dreams God has placed on my heart. For anyone with a God-given dream of starting a business or growing in their new business, I highly recommend signing up. You will thank yourself for trying something new. - Jessie Wise founder of Every Sparrow Organization


I learned so SO much, I cannot put it all into words here. All of the videos Polly did were incredibly helpful. ALL of them. Seriously, I've watched them several times each, and and each time I take away something I overlooked before. I am so grateful for Polly's honesty and transparency and vulnerability in bringing all of us along with her as Horacio keeps blossoming. - Mabel Nevel, Founder of Ame Courrier


This course was awesome. I learned so much about myself and the business I want to create. Highly recommend to others interested in starting a business, but don't know exactly what they want to create yet. Polly was great at helping me see my own vision and helping me build upon it. She had a bunch of great tips and tricks for social media planning, taxes, goal setting, and how to get stuff DONE and make REVENUE. Absolutely worth the investment and it is worth x3 the price. - Kathryn Hodge, Founder of Blondie Bytes (go learn to code from her!) 

Overall I think this course was great. I’ve learned so much about myself and my weaknesses during this process. What I need to fight against. I’ve learned that the key to this being successful is me showing up 100% to get things accomplished. I would definitely recommend this course. I’ve accomplished how to give myself GRACE during this process. The techniques I’ve learned I will use to better myself and my business. I believe my investment paid off because of what I learned about me, what I desire, how to get clarity and keeping God at the forefront. - Kaye-lani Brissett Founder of LVB Creations

I am so thankful for having Polly’s help the past three months as I created a brand identity and built content for my social media. The weekly homework assignments keep you accountable and the live webinars create a community of people chasing dreams, just like you! I’ve dreamt about starting my calligraphy business for so long...Polly’s course gave me that extra push to finally make it a reality!! Even if your company doesn’t involve selling products, like mine, the investment is completely worth it and I know it will pay off in more ways than one! - Nikky Enterline, Forever and Always 


February 12, 2019 — Polly Payne


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