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PRIVATE || Fall Box 2020 (Annual Buyer Only)


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We are SO thankful that you signed up to be an ANNUAL buyer! You already paid everything, so you don't owe us anything. Please help us by selecting WHICH Bible study you want and checking out. 

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When will it arrive?

Fall Box Will Ship: 8/20 to arrive by 9/1 

How many more boxes am I getting?

Your Subscription will end after your March 2021 Box! So after the Fall box you have two more boxes. The winter box will include your 2021 Dream Planner! 

What are my options for the Bible Study? 

You have 5 options to choose from! Below if a little note on each one and why they were chosen. 

  1. SOAP VOL 1 : By Horacio Printing || If you don't have this volume I highly recommend it! It includes a season of purpose, wisdom, transition, anxiety and joy. 
  2. SOAP VOL 2: By Horacio Printing ||  Also a great volume especially if you are in a season of needing rest, or a season of waiting. This volume also includes a season of leaders, trust and surrender. 
  3. Rhythms of Renewal By Rebekah Lyons || Beautiful and practical. This book walks you down a path of establishing healthy rhythms for life. 
  4. The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry By John Mark Comer || This is my favorite book I have read this year. It unlocks so much truth on the importance of Sabbath. 
  5. 100 Days to Brave By Annie F Downs || This 100 day guided journal is a great tool for the fall season as we wrap up a difficult year. 


What happens if I don't do this? 

If you don't do this we will be forced to choose the Bible study for you and we will ship it to your address on file. We also will not be able to share the tracking number with you unless you request it. It's not the end of the world, but it is less ideal. 



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