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This is Pillar Six in our Small Business Coaching. We have 7 CORE Pillars in total. Get free upgrades + savings by purchasing our Grow Bundle (4-7) or Start + Grow Bundle (1-7). Learn More here.

  • How can I get it all organized and done? (without losing myself or my mind!)
  • How do you break up your month, week and day to be productive?
  • When do I hire someone? I need/think I need help to get this going!

This course is for you if you are ready to put on your CEO hat, get organized and grow your business. We will walk through key lessons in productivity, decision making, delegation and time management. Think you are ready to hire but not sure when to hire or how to find the right people? This course walks you through the proper hiring process to partner with someone well and create clear boundaries and healthy expectations. This area of investment can cost your business SO MUCH if done incorrectly, trust me. This course is worth your time.

What you will learn:

  • Fundamentals of thinking and working as the owner of your company.
  • Time management, decision making, and productivity.  
  • How to outsource and when to hire.  
  • Positive partnership and delegation.

What is included:

  • 1 hr video course walking through the decision making, time management, productivity and delegation.
  • Free productivity notepad
  • BONUS: Step by Step guide to how we use ASANA at Horacio Printing to keep all our projects organized.
  • Suggested Reading
  • Suggested Podcast Listening


How does it work?
  • As soon as you purchase one course a-la-cart or one of our starter bundles you are welcomed into our program! This course will officially begin Feb 1st, 2018. You will have access to your course content indefinitely. Your course materials will be delivered on February 1st.
Will there be any 1-1 coaching with Polly?
  • In addition to our 7 CORE Pillars we are launching a private Facebook group that will have LIVE monthly coaching and access to exclusive content and community! Each month Polly will have a designated Q&A session with the group to answer any an all questions you have on the course material so you can clear up any gaps and hop over your hurdles! In additional to the live Q&A, you will also get one Live class on a business topic, you will also be able to interact and ask questions during the live! The Facebook group will provide a safe space for you to meet and connect with other faithful entrepreneurs who are on the same journey! The purpose is to support, grow, connect and inspire one another.
How do I get in the Private Facebook group?
  • If you buy our starter bundle you get 3 month free of our Facebook Group! ($75 value)
  • If you buy our start + grow bundle you get 6 months free of our Facebook Group! ($150 value)
  • You can also buy a 3, 6, or 12 month membership to our Facebook group by purchasing here. (link to collection).

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