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    A Little Loved 💕2018-2019 Mid-Year Dream Planner – Horacio Printing

    A Little Loved 💕2018-2019 Mid-Year Dream Planner

    $40.00 $20.00

     ON SALE 50% OFF

    What does ‘A Little Loved’ mean?

    We have a couple of planners that were slightly loved during transit. They are not in perfect condition, so you might get one with a slight scratch on the cover, small indention and/or slightly bent coils. The inside pages will still have all the content and pages to get TONS of value out of! We have hand checked these and it’s nothing that we wouldn’t use.

    The 2018-2019 Dream Planner is a weekly planner design to help you unleash your inner artist and pursue your God-given purpose.

    This planner will help you create your dream life by partnering with God, setting goals and making margin for what matters.

    Here are the sections you will find in the 2018-2019 Dream Planner (see description below for details):

    🌟 Dream Planning
    🌟 Personal Growth Planning
    🌟 Refocus Cloud
    🌟 Generosity Planning
    🌟 Heart Check
    🌟 Weekly Spread with encouragement and weekly verse
    🌟 Monthly Spread with monthly verse
    🌟 Semester At A Glance
    🌟 Seasonal Refresh
    🌟 Monthly Praise Report
    🌟 Monthly Notes Pages

    🌟 Free Bookmark
    🌟 Dust Bag!
    🌟 FREE PDF DOWNLOAD: Project Pages

    So, are you ready to DREAM BIG with God and create a life you love?
    Pre-Order May 1st at 9 AM.

    In it to END IT! 10% of YOUR PURCHASE will be donated to fight human trafficking through A21.org.



    We believe your life is a work of art. Together with God, you can create a masterpiece. Our Dream Planner is filled with white space to make it your own and DREAM BIG.

    What’s inside the 2018-2019 Dream Planner:

    • Dream Planning – Create a fun bucket list of things you want to accomplish by July 2019
    • Personal Growth Planning – Dream in ALL directions to declare who you want to become financially, spiritually, personally, professionally, physically and in your relationships. Take those dreams into actions items and get started! 
    • Refocus Cloud – Take all the overwhelm out of your brain onto paper as you list out your passions, focuses, distractions and obligations. 
    • Generosity Planning – Consider your generosity and plan ahead on who you want to bless with your time, energy and love. 
    • Heart Check – Tend to the condition of your heart through guided reflection and journaling. 
    • Seasonal Refresh – At the beginning of each season there is prayer followed by a heart, mind and goal refresh workbook. We repeat our personal goals, heart check, refocus cloud, and generosity planning. 
    • Praise Report - At the end of each month we have a page dedicated to writing down your blessings. 

    Horizontal Weekly Layout
    August 2018 - July 2019
    Two Page Weekly Spread
    Two Page Monthly Spread
    Includes digital download of the Project Pages (Digital)
    Card Stock Paper (No Bleed)

    Within these pages lie encouragement, love, and God's Holy word. We are passionate about giving you the tools to succeed in your purpose, reduce overwhelm and move forward!

    So, are you ready to DREAM BIG with God and create a life you love?
    Pre-Order May 1st at 9 AM.

    Your support will go far
    We believe in creating a freedom-centered business and making a positive impact. We are in it to END IT! 10% of YOUR PURCHASE will be donated to fight human trafficking through A21.org.

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