Pick Your 2025 Planner Before Aug 1st

We are thrilled to have you on the 2025 Launch Team! We can't wait to spoil you with more than $120 worth of goodies for only $75! (plus free shipping!) Sign up before August 1st in order to join the launch team.

2025 Launch Team - Private Pre-Order

$75.00 USD $120.00

Cover & Layout Selection

Welcome Launch Team Member! 
You can now pre-purchase your Launch Team bundle. 

You MUST place your order before August 1st at midnight in order to actively join the launch team. This order page will disappear on August 2nd. 

Your presale purchase includes: 
  • 2025 Dream Planner of your choice. ($64 Value)
  • Free Gift: Vision Board Kit  ($35 Value)
  • Free Gift: New Pocket Planner ($10 Value)
  • Free Priority shipping! ($12 Value and you get it WAY before launch day!) 
  • Dream Planning Essentials Course 3.0 + digital bonuses! 
  • Private launch team community on Facebook! + Opportunity to win launch team prizes! ($250 cash bonus or other prizes!) 

*Important* When checking out please triple check your mailing address! Planner arrival is expected ~ Early Sept 

What comes with the 2024 Dream Planner? 

The 2025 Dream Planner comes with a pen set and sticker set!