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Are you ready to connect with God on a deeper level?

Are you craving a guided community leading up to Easter?

Are you ready for a new start?

If so. This is the devotional for you!


And for those wanting even more personal interaction and people to journey with this Easter season, be sure to upgrade to get the Easter with Elyse bundle which includes interactive live sessions!

These sessions will be full of new in-depth teaching with Elyse, special guests, interactive conversation, as well as an opportunity for no-filters Q+A (where nothing is off-limits)! Spaces are limited so make sure you reserve your spot!

Product Details: 

  • Pdf Download of the 21-Day Devotional Written By Elyse Murphy

  • The devotional is a three-week journal leading up to Easter


**Honor system! Please note this pdf download is only for the buyer, it is not to be shared. If you are buying to print for a group, please purchase the number you wish to print. Thanks for being cool!** 

Join us for a 21-day devotional as we prepare our hearts for Easter. This interactive journey is designed to help you restore your hope, strengthen your faith, and savor your savior. 

Let’s take some time to set down the distractions, step away from the noise, and hear from Heaven. Who knows? Maybe we’ll find the healing we’ve been looking for all along.

The Easter Journey begins with this simple but spirited prayer:

Begin with me, Lord. Right here. Right now. Begin with me.

    Her experiences of life growing up as a PK led Elyse to write her first book “Confessions of a Church Kid” which she is in discussions to revise and republish in the near future. Her book is a memoir of the good, bad and ugly of growing up with parents in ministry and all that it entails. Elyse regularly blogs for Propel Women, She Rises, Assemblies of God and others. She also works with Lightworkers to bring messages of hope to thousands of people all over the globe on a regular basis.

    Elyse is a firm believer that the human heart has room for both when it comes to our calling. Australia is her country but Los Angeles is her city. The church is her home but the world is her mission field. She can be found on a platform with a microphone and in a living room with a coffee. It' doesn’t have to be either/or, it can be both/and.

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