Even Here Devotional

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 Is God Even Here? 

The answer is... God is EVEN HERE. 


I AM. 
Even Here Vol 1, is an unfiltered journal by Jess Brown, of Sting and Honey. This devotional contains 18 thoughtful devotionals around finding God in the middle of the mess of life.


"During painful seasons in life, I frantically searched for voices online that I could relate to, and something I learned is that - maybe the voice I was looking for comfort from was my own. Have you ever felt that way? Jaded by people's perspectives or breakthroughs? Depressed that your life feels harder than others and the advice or encouragement you get feels unsatisfactory? Sometimes you can't rely on the journeys of other people and need to press in and learn from our own. Even Here Vol 1 has been many years in the making as I've journaled and processed hard moments in my personal life. My hope is that it will comfort you as you face similar events, knowing you are not alone and never judged for feeling the way you feel. " Jessica Brown